cat days of summer

September 16, 2007


Seems like the dog days of summer (or cat days, depending on your pet bias) may finally be over. Today in Valencia, CA it is a cool, crisp 87 degrees. This as opposed to the mid 90’s of last week, and weeks and weeks of triple digits, leading to a climax of 116 degrees during Labor Day weekend.

So, 87, heh, I’ll take it! Now this is coming from an ex-coastal dweller. Until 5 years ago, I spent about 20+ years in Ventura, CA, a lovely little beach community north of Los Angeles. A place where no one even knows what A.C. stands for, and you either wear, carry, or wrap a sweater around your waist all during the summer months. Seldom does the mercury rise above 75 or drop below 55. Heaven!

Living in Ventura, I looked forward to summer. No need to plan all my activities around the danger of suffering heat stroke. I could take a walk, go for a run, dash goofily about and otherwise exert myself at anytime of the day. There’s a lot of freedom in that.

These days, summer is something to dread. While running simple errands, I’m sure I must resemble something right out of “Dawn of the Dead”, as I shuffle from my car to the grocery store, only coming alive again once I’m hit in the face with a blast of A.C. (I do know what that stands for).

Tonight, there is a hint of Autumn in the air, I can actually smell it. I can feel my will to live slowly return. So, I’ll pour myself an iced tea, more ice than tea, and pray for rain.


another day in paradise

September 16, 2007


You know that store, the quirky store you go to when you are having a social gathering? The one where you can get all those fun cheesey, triple layered dippy, appetizer thingys, chocolate covered soy beans and meatless meatballs, for a fraction of the price you would pay anywhere else? The store that has all the micro-brewery beers with the adorable, edgy labels, and the wine, oh the wine…where else can you get such drinkable wine for 2 dollars? I ask you? Don’t you just love it? And don’t even get me started on Read the rest of this entry »