finding my way

September 18, 2007


Penelope Kellogg,
married a bull-frog.
hoping he’d become a prince.

So she planted a kiss
on his future highness,
but the poor frog morphed into a blintz!

For most of my adult life I’ve dreamt about writing and illustrating a children’s book. I suppose in addition to making 7-10 year olds giggle, my goal has been also to create something visually interesting, maybe even beautiful, on my own terms (as much as possible). I’ve become so very tired of the type of creativity that is, in fact, not so very creative. I spend most of my waking hours coming up with ways to help sell someone else’s gadgets, services or bull poop. Ah, such is advertising.

So last year, I finally caught on fire. I started writing some little nursery rhymes and silly poems, and roughed out whimsical, fun pencil sketches to go with each poem. Pretty soon, it started looking like I actually had a pretty solid start of a children’s book.

But as luck would have it as soon as I got to the crucial part, Read the rest of this entry »