September 21, 2007


In about 30 minutes I get off work and I will be heading up the 101 to Ventura. My mom and I have a standing Thursday night date. We started this ritual about a year ago, and it’s been a great way to stay connected.

Staying connected. Not the easiest thing in the world to do anymore. We allow ourselves to get swallowed up in this fast-paced lifestyle of standing in line for a cup of espresso that we gulp down in lieu of breakfast, then hop on the freeway for a long commute to a job where you run yourself ragged, whether physically or mentally. Then another long commute home, maybe if you have the energy, stop by the gym. You get home finally, feed the kitties, give them a quick pet and collapse, maybe in front of the computer. Maybe you scribble out an e-mail, or IM your friend.

Funny, while sitting at the Town Center, the consuming mecca of Valencia, CA, Tom and I noticed a strange thing. Every, (and I mean every), group of humans that ambled by us had at least one member of that group on the phone. What is that? You are out in the world, surrounded by your friends and or family,and you would rather be talking to someone else? Someone with whom you cannot make eye contact with? I ask you, is that really connection?

In this technologically advanced age, where communication has been made so effortless and so varied, with cell phones, e-mail, instant messaging and even blogging, are we really communicating with each other more effectively? Are we connecting?

Maybe we are, I don’t know. But as rewarding as it is to be able to keep in contact with each other through all these different methods, I still can’t help feeling like we need to get some face time with our loved ones. Brew up some coffee or tea, some milk and cookies, a couple shots of Jameson, what ever your poison, make conversation, make some eye contact, and really connect!

By the way, above are Tom’s and my Simpson’s avatars. Make your own, right here. It’s fun.