it’s still raining

September 23, 2007

This morning I woke up with the strangest image in my head. Turkeys. Because, you know, when in rains, one often thinks of turkeys. Actually I was reminded of that urban myth about turkeys being so dumb, they look up in the sky when it rains, and thereby drown. A story obviously perpetrated by the turkeys themselves to gain sympathy around November.

A little digging around on the internets revealed the fact that turkeys don’t have binocular vision (i.e., the ability to focus both eyes on the same object). A turkey’s eyes point sideways, so looking up into they sky to check the weather; not likely to happen. Whew, that makes me feel better. This, of course should curtail any future turkey suicide attempts.

So now, it’s Saturday night and it’s raining. Tom and I are at our computers, working on our respective projects. Radio Paradise serves as our soundtrack, playing one remarkable gem after another. Tom is uploading photos taken earlier. I’m working on a cartoon idea I came up with upon waking this morning. The tantilizing aroma of spaghetti sauce fills the air. Yes, I am cooking. Cooking for the first time in months. The house is immaculate, because we had an appraiser over this morning (we’re refinancing our home loan). Soon we’ll be firing up David Lynch’s new flick “Inland Empire”, while we enjoy our spaghetti dinner. Does it get any better than this? Maybe, but I can’t think of anything at the moment.

4 Responses to “it’s still raining”

  1. Joni Says:

    Turkey Suicide!!!! Too darn funny man, I have always wanted to see that idea in a cartoon, and you have fulfilled my fantasy, thank you, really!!!!

  2. Joni Says:

    What a beautiful and lovely evening as well, right on!!!

  3. Jan Harwood Says:

    This is very funny, and exactly what I was looking for to illustrate my song, “Turkey in the Rain,” written to the tune of “Turkey in the Straw.” May I have permission to use a 1X1-inch copy of this in a small booklet of the songs I have written for the Santa Cruz Raging Grannies” It will be self-published, with only 100 copies, for the use of Raging Granny groups in Northern California, mostly. Here’s the song: TURKEY IN THE RAIN
    (Turkey in the Straw)

    Ohhh, the multicorporations have a lot of human rights
    They are legal persons, though they can’t wear tights
    They can rocket to the moon and steal the gold that’s buried there
    And no one can tell them that it’s just not fair.

    (Chorus:) Huge corporations, rich CEOs
    Running the planet, under our nose
    While Congress and the president twiddle their thumbs–
    They just do what they’re ordered, and the money comes.

    Ohhh, the multicorporations live a life of wealth and ease
    If the people don’t like it they can fall down on their knees
    They can beg and plead for shelter or a little cup of rice
    But it’s all owned by moguls who will raise the price.

    Ohhh, our lives are run by NAFTA and the double-you-T.O.
    Trade can go where labor’s cheapest, and the home folks know
    That their jobs have left the country and their lives have gone to pot
    But the corporation’s happy living on its yacht.

    If-f-f you want a drink of water, do not stand out on the plain
    With your mouth wide open, like a turkey in the rain
    ‘Cause you’ll get a bill from Pepsi or the Coca-Cola crews
    They have bought up ev’ry drop and you must pay your dues.

    Ohhh, the multicorporations have a jones for endless war
    And it doesn’t matter what they say we’re fighting for;
    While Blackwater gets to slaughter and it’s not a mortal sin
    Bechtel-Lockheed-Halliburton rake the money in.

    (Repeat Chorus)

    You-u-u may ask yourself, as citizens, whatever can we do?
    Corporations are so powerful, and ruthless, too!
    We will take away their personhood, (we’ll really get their goat!)
    And amend the Constitution as we did with Women’s vote!

    Thanks, and keep on drawing! Jan

  4. Now that I look back at your past work, I knew it looked similar. I had seen your work before I joined Illustration Friday, in fact I did not have a blog yet. I also did not leave any comments before. Poor turkeys, they have to go one way or another, its their choice or ours. Thanksgiving is not upon us yet, but that day will come, so until then, enjoy your turkey holiday.

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