bunny in boots

September 28, 2007


This strange little guy is here today for one reason. He’s the only drawing I’ve done that actually lives on my hard drive at work. So up he goes. I’m about to head to my mom’s for our Thursday night standing date, but still wanted to post something, since I am trying to post a drawing every night.

Does this count, I wonder?

The interesting, (or not so interesting, you decide) thing about Bunny Boots, is that it’s the first time I ever created a digital image without first sketching it out, erasing, redrawing, agonizing, scanning, then bringing it into Illustrator. Nope, I was at work, wanted a quick little thing to cheer Tom up one day a few months ago. So I just jumped in with bezier curves and made Bunny Boots and emailed him off.

He did get a big smile from Tom, by the way.

So don’t judge too harshly. He’s just there for pure entertainment value. Love him or hate him, he’s there for you.