the thing

October 3, 2007


I got home after school today
and grabbed myself some pie.
I shoved a big piece in my mouth,
when something caught my eye.

I felt the hair upon my neck
stand up from every pore,
because I saw an awful thing
lurk by the kitchen door.

It gurgled incoherently
and had a nasty smell.
It slowly crept it’s way toward me.
I couldn’t help but yell!

What could I do? I was cornered,
and faced with certain doom.
Green slime oozed grossly from it’s nose.
It slid across the room.

It reached me then and grabbed my leg.
I screamed out for my mother.
“Why do I have to babysit
my stinky baby brother!


A little children’s rhyme I wrote. Seemed sort of appropriate for the Halloween.



celebrity vs. the mudane

October 3, 2007


Tom and I enjoy listening to NPR on our morning commute. This morning, I was a little surprised to hear news of Britney Spears losing custody of her children mentioned on this fairly lofty news forum. But there it was.

Hearing this news made me wonder. Although it’s doubtful I’ll ever need to make this decision, I’ve often wondered if Read the rest of this entry »