celebrity vs. the mudane

October 3, 2007


Tom and I enjoy listening to NPR on our morning commute. This morning, I was a little surprised to hear news of Britney Spears losing custody of her children mentioned on this fairly lofty news forum. But there it was.

Hearing this news made me wonder. Although it’s doubtful I’ll ever need to make this decision, I’ve often wondered if fame and fortune, gained from celebrity, is worth having your personal life put constantly under a microscope.

At a time when the media has any number of atrocities to cover, hundreds of monks being massacred in Myanmar, the war in Iraq, dangerous tension with Iran, poverty, and genocide, isn’t it odd that so much attention is paid to the screw-ups of movie stars and sports figures? It’s incredible how much we lust for it. We’re like vultures, hungry for the carrion that is celebrity demise. Phil Spector’s murder trial, declared mistrial, O.J. Simpson at it again, accused of robbery, and Britney’s ever spiraling fall from grace.

Why do we glut ourselves on this stuff?

Maybe this kind of news enables us mere mortals feel a little more superior, as the deities we worship, eventually fizzle out and come crashing down off their pedestals. Or perhaps it validates our ordinary status in the world. We whisper under our breath, “At least MY poor decision making and lapses in judgement don’t end up on the evening news.” Not so far, anyway.

I guess it’s just so deliciously satisfying to judge.

So I wonder, as a nobody, if I had paparazzi skulking around my untrimmed shrubbery, watching my every move, would I bear up under the scrutiny? Would I crack under the pressure of having my everyday life, from the mildly interesting to the mundane recorded for all the world to see? Do I want the internet filled with photos of me making some fashion misstep? Could I stand hundreds of blogs by fashionista wannabes discussing how my Payless shoes didn’t match my J.C. Penney purse or video recordings of Tom and I bickering over whether Two Buck Chuck pairs well with Kraft mac and cheese?

I’m thinking maybe not.

I’ll take blissful anonymity thank you. Again, not that I myself need to worry.

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