off to ventura

October 4, 2007


Once again, it’s Thursday, and I’m off to visit my mom in Ventura. I’m looking forward to viewing her latest painting. She’s been very prolific of late. I also understand there may be some soup involved. Could be nice, since I seem to be fighting off a wee bug.

Since I won’t be home to post anything tonight, I’m once again pulling from my dusty archives. I’ve been lucky throughout the years to get an illustration project here and there. The cosmic onion was a fun project. My good friend Vicki Linares was working on a brochure for a client who grows and processes onions. She had the brilliant idea of having each section of the brochure illustrated by a different local artist. It featured some very wonderful stuff by Siri Weber and Norman Kirk, to name a few. Because she’s such a good friend, she allowed me to be a part of it. Why onions in space, you ask….why not?

The second image is a cover illustration I did for Pasadena Weekly, an alternative weekly newspaper where my husband, (then boyfriend) art directed. Yeah, yeah, I had yet another in. Nepotism runs rampant. What are ya gonna do? This cover art illustrates a story about cold cases in the L.A. area. Interesting story, if I remember correctly.

Well, I’m off. See you tomorrow!