October 15, 2007


Remember Rich Hall from “Not Necessarily the News” and”Saturday Night Live” back in the 80’s? He’s the guy who came up with Sniglets:

Sniglet (snig’ lit) n.
Any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should.

Sniglets came to mind today, as I was scritching Spooky’s backside and he achieved the highest elevator butt I’ve seen in a long time. So of course, that brought to mind:

Caltitude (kal’tih tood) n.
The height to which a cat’s rear end can rise to meet the hand stroking it.

I believe Spooky reached about 4 or 5 inches of caltitude today, maybe 6. I’ll have to get out a tape measurer next time. That must be a record.

fairy tale

October 14, 2007


For Halloween, T and A are the new macabre. At least they were a few years ago when my friends Alexis, Megan and I decided to attend a Halloween party we were invited to.

Alexis dressed up as a succubus, (you know, a demon who takes the form of a beautiful human female to seduce men, and then steals their souls.) Very much in the Halloween spirit. She painted her entire body and face in bright red makeup and sported horns, fangs and a sexy black dress. She looked fabulous and very scary. Her boyfriend at the time wore a long black wig and t-shirt with the words “I’m with Satan” on the front.

Clever t-shirt aside, he looked ridiculous in that wig.
“Are you supposed to be Ozzie Ozbourne or Joey Ramone?” Megan asked him.
“Yes” he replied smugly.

Megan came up with a dead fairy costume. She put together the usual fairy faire, and to that, added some white ghoul makeup, for that death pallor we were aiming for. It took us hours to figure out how to attach to her body Read the rest of this entry »

Halloween false(ie) start

October 13, 2007


Halloween is my favorite holiday. Nothing against Thanksgiving or Christmas, they’re great holidays in their own right. I just love Halloween.

When I was a kid, nothing on earth was better than dressing up like a pirate, witch or Little Red Riding Hood. Then, just because I did that, I would get candy! I would run up to perfect strangers’ houses, ring their door bells, look cute, and then, like magic, a shovel full of Pixie Stix, Smartees, Snickers, Milk Duds and Sugar Daddy’s would pour into my outstretched treat bag, or pillow case once I got older, wiser and greedier.

This was a pretty good gig for a little kid. So, as a teenager, I found this ritual hard to give up. It really wasn’t cool back then, for anyone over 11, to dress up and Trick-or-Treat. But my friends and I did. We couldn’t kick the intoxication of morphing into someone, or something else for a night. And candy, there was the candy!

The wearing of costumes on Halloween continued into adulthood for me. The more macabre the costume the better. And if you insisted on being something vampy or sexy, it had to at least be a dead or zombie version. I was once a dead Marilyn Monroe Read the rest of this entry »


Friday night, rain, a bottle of Jameson, a couple of green depression glasses, frozen pizza and thou.



bunnicula and ghost bunny

October 11, 2007


When my niece Chelsea was just a little kid, she loved this book called Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery, by Deborah Howe (Author), James Howe (Author), Alan Daniel (Illustrator). I think there was a whole serie of these books.

Bunnicula is a story told from the point of view of a dog named Harold and a cat named Chester and mostly about a little rabbit who gets dubbed Bunnicula, I think because the family saw the movie “Dracula” or something.

Anyway, it’s very cute and funny, and has nothing much to do with anything, except, I was thinking about how Chelsea dressed up like Bunnicula one Halloween long ago, (cute as the dickens too) and that got me thinking about what costumes bunnies would wear, if they could dress themselves in costumes, not having opposable thumbs and all. With this thought in mind I did these sketches at lunch today, and since I am running off to Ventura in a minute, thought I’d use them as my post today.



October 10, 2007


We got off work a little late tonight, but Tom and I managed to get our tired butts over to the gym anyway. That will be three nights in a row, by the way. That’s the first time in over a month we’ve accomplished such a feat.

When I got home, I rummaged around on my Mac Mini, looking for inspiration. I stumbled upon some drawings of this silly kitty character I was working on a few months ago. He is a composite of our three cats, and the subject of a project I’ve been working on with my mom. She and I had, and still have, this idea of each creating our own line of greeting cards. We’ve even came up with a logo for our endeavor, a combination of our names, Marion and Linda. Get it? Get it?
(By the way, I’m too lazy to figure out how to code the logo, so it tucks into the type.)

So there’s me with the goofy kitty character and over the past couple of years, my mom has created some beautiful oil and acrylic paintings. Some of my favorites are of a panther in tall grass, and one of a wolf framed by autumn foliage. She has become really quite empassioned and prolific with her painting and I find it very inspiring. Maybe it’s time we got serious about the greeting cards again.

For now, inspired though I may be, it’s a chore just keeping my eyes open. I think I’ll sleep on it. Good-night.

macro my day

October 10, 2007


Tom got me a camera this past Christmas, a Canon Elph SD600. He did this not only because it’s a damn fine gift, but also in part, to curtail the barrage of complaints bestowed upon him about the camera I was currently using. I was, at the time, playing around with a Nikon Coolpix, one of Tom’s cast-offs after buying his latest and greatest, a Canon 5D. Now, I hate to look a gift horse or a hand-me-down horse in the mouth, but this thing was a study in frustration. Oh, it took great photos alright, no problem there. The problem was, however, that this camera had the reaction time of a snail on vallium. I often try to capture things like, for instance, Spooky snoozing on his back with his feet straight up in the air. I’ll point, focus, hit the button and then, after what seems like a full minute, the shutter will release and my once adorable subject is now in the other room taking a cat-box break. So, about that issue and the fact that this piece of sh…equipment, never quite fit in my already bloated-beyond-belief purse, I complained, nagged and whined.

Enter the Canon Elph. An elegant, palm sized specimen, with a huge screen for viewing thumbnails. The reaction time, while not lightening fast, was a great improvement. I popped it in my bag Christmas day and there it stayed, ready for action. You never know when a photo op may present itself.

There is, however, one drawback, Read the rest of this entry »

happy anniversary

October 8, 2007


I have been sitting here for at least two hours, staring at my computer screen, agonizing over the perfect thing to write in honor of Tom’s and my first wedding annversary. Although we celebrated this past Saturday, the actual date is today, October 8th.

Staring at my monitor, I ponder whether or not I should recount the day Tom got down on his knees and proposed to me at Starbucks? How he was worried afterwards that he hadn’t been creative or romantic enough with his proposal. That maybe he should have stuck a ring in some creme brulee while dining in a fancy restaurant, or proposed on the big screen at Staples Center during a game. But, as far as I am concerned, getting down on his knees at Starbucks, almost spilling over my triple cappuccino, that was just about the most romantic moment I have ever shared with another human being.

Perhaps I could tell the story of how we spent a month or more trying to figure out where the perfect wedding venue would be. Would it be Meditation Mount in Ojai, Vasquez Rocks, our back yard maybe? Would it be at all interesting to mention that instead of some gorgeous garden spot, drenched in the light of the full moon, we opted for “The Marrying Guy” in Burbank, so we could afford to honeymoon in Ireland? Oh, I think I should definitely mention, that was the right choice.

I guess what I would really like to say this October 8th, is how happy I’ve been, married to Tom this past year. How in his chest beats one of the sweetest, kindest hearts I’ve ever known. I’d like to say that I’ve found a man who can deal with what I dish out with uncanny understanding. I might mention that although he can be a bit of a bull in a china shop on some occasions, he can then turn around and relate his feelings so eloquently it brings tears to my eyes. He may get the same deer-caught-in-the-headlights stare that most men get when asked the question: “Do these pants make me look fat?” And yet, despite that, still manages to let me know, I am beautiful in his eyes.

Here I sit, unsure of what to post on this, our first wedding anniversary. So maybe I’ll just say, I married my best friend. I am the luckiest person in the world.

Happy Anniversary Tom.

bunny sock hop

October 7, 2007


When Tom and I first moved into our new home, 3 years ago in December, we discovered that a wildlife highway ran right through our backyard.

Most mornings, I’ll stand at the kitchen sink, washing the dishes I should have washed the night before. It’s then that I’ll catch from the corner of my eye, squirrels, raccoons and all manner of bird, scamper, skip and hop along our block wall fence. When the sun is high and the weather is warm, lizards skitter across the wall, stopping occasionally to pump out a few push-ups. When the sun lowers again, our resident possum waddles across the lawn, muttering to himself. He makes his way to our trash can, then pops inside for a nosh.

One evening, as I pulled into the driveway, my headlights caught something. At first I thought it was a plastic bag with the handles. I turned off the motor, grumbling about what kind of loser would throw their trash in our front yard. Just then the bag moved. Read the rest of this entry »

hummus and the shins

October 7, 2007


Tom and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary tonight. Our anniversary is not until Monday, Oct. 8th, but for obvious reasons we celebrated tonight.

Tom, (the big sweetie), surprised me with tickets to see The Shins at the Santa Barbara Bowl. We arrived in SB early so we could have dinner at a wonderful middle eastern restaurant called Zaytoon.

I would expound on this much more if it wasn’t 1:00 in the morning, and I wasn’t exhausted.

But I’ve posted some of my feeble attempts at photography in an effort to give some impressions of our wonderful evening.

Note: We had dessert twice. Once after dinner and then again after the concert. No wonder my jeans were a bit snug tonight!

Also note, that the first image of a full plate of baklava and the last image of concert are Tom’s photos.

Good night, or good morning, whatever your perspective may be at this moment.

crow cam

October 5, 2007


Barreling down the 101 this morning, hopped up on triple brev√© cappuccino from Palermo’s, I heard an interesting story on NPR. I had to calm my over-caffeinated self down a bit so I could pay better attention. What I heard was that a group of scientists noticed a crow, (named Betty by the way), take a straight piece of wire, bend it into a hook, and use it to get food out of a tube.

Pretty amazing!

But they figured, well, Betty here, she’s a captive crow. They wondered if wild crows ever made and used tools.

So they trapped a few wild crows on some tropical island and attached video cameras to their little crow butts. Yeah, you heard me, a camera, to their butts! A crow cam if you will.

The footage they gathered was a little amateurish, being wild birds and all. You’d see a flash of wing here a black crow leg there, and a lot of cawing. Pretty fascinating stuff. You can read the whole story here. But what they found out was, that crows will use twigs and blades of grass to aid them in looking for food. If they think a particular twig is pretty useful, they might even hold on to it. Smarty pants birds!

Another score for the animal kingdom! Humans think their so big because they discovered fire and invented the wheel…oh yeah, and iPods!

off to ventura

October 4, 2007


Once again, it’s Thursday, and I’m off to visit my mom in Ventura. I’m looking forward to viewing her latest painting. She’s been very prolific of late. I also understand there may be some soup involved. Could be nice, since I seem to be fighting off a wee bug.

Since I won’t be home to post anything tonight, I’m once again pulling from my dusty archives. I’ve been lucky throughout the years to get an illustration project here and there. The cosmic onion was a fun project. My good friend Vicki Linares was working on a brochure for a client who grows and processes onions. She had the brilliant idea of having each section of the brochure illustrated by a different local artist. It featured some very wonderful stuff by Siri Weber and Norman Kirk, to name a few. Because she’s such a good friend, she allowed me to be a part of it. Why onions in space, you ask….why not?

The second image is a cover illustration I did for Pasadena Weekly, an alternative weekly newspaper where my husband, (then boyfriend) art directed. Yeah, yeah, I had yet another in. Nepotism runs rampant. What are ya gonna do? This cover art illustrates a story about cold cases in the L.A. area. Interesting story, if I remember correctly.

Well, I’m off. See you tomorrow!

the thing

October 3, 2007


I got home after school today
and grabbed myself some pie.
I shoved a big piece in my mouth,
when something caught my eye.

I felt the hair upon my neck
stand up from every pore,
because I saw an awful thing
lurk by the kitchen door.

It gurgled incoherently
and had a nasty smell.
It slowly crept it’s way toward me.
I couldn’t help but yell!

What could I do? I was cornered,
and faced with certain doom.
Green slime oozed grossly from it’s nose.
It slid across the room.

It reached me then and grabbed my leg.
I screamed out for my mother.
“Why do I have to babysit
my stinky baby brother!


A little children’s rhyme I wrote. Seemed sort of appropriate for the Halloween.


celebrity vs. the mudane

October 3, 2007


Tom and I enjoy listening to NPR on our morning commute. This morning, I was a little surprised to hear news of Britney Spears losing custody of her children mentioned on this fairly lofty news forum. But there it was.

Hearing this news made me wonder. Although it’s doubtful I’ll ever need to make this decision, I’ve often wondered if Read the rest of this entry »

getting a grip

October 1, 2007


Where I am in my menstrual cycle is in direct correlation with my tolerance of gum smackin’, cell phone loud talkin’, I’m-the-only-person-in-the-world-thinkin’ wankers.

Other than that, I’m good.