November 13, 2007


Ignatz • Joey (nickname Joseph) • Spooky

I swore I would never do this, but at this moment in time, the desktop of my Mac is cluttered beyond belief. I’ve always tried to be organized….ok, at least on my computer, I’ve tried to be organized. Not to keep all your files in some semblance of order can bring disaster upon your head.

Well, I think that day has come.

I don’t even remember what my desktop picture is, it’s obscured almost completely with stuff. Everywhere you look there are image files I’m working on along with downloaded images. I’ve got text files with written reminders I’ll never read because there are too many of them and so I’ll forget whatever it was I wanted to remind myself in the first place. There does exist, a few folders, born of feeble attempts to coordinate. And, like many people I know, this clutter-fest of a desktop, among other things is filled with icons. Simpson icons, Bloom County icons, Monster icons, kitty icons, all sorts of icons. God forbid I should have some run-of-the-mill folder or something mature housing my many files.

I look at my screen and swear, this weekend, I’m going to do it, I’m going to clean up, all the while, adding more and more files to the mix.

This is what happens once you let desktop sloth get started, people! It’s a slippery slope!

So, I thought, hmmm, maybe I’ll put my icons to work. I’ll stuff them with files and try to orchestrate some sort of cohesian, sanity perhaps. Maybe I’ll even make some of my own icons.

Yeah, that’s it! Icons will be my salvation.

I used the little piece of software, IconBuilder, that Tom found and created 3 “kitticons” in the likeness of our three kitties. If I had a lick of sense, I’d figure out a way to post them on here, so anyone interested could download them. But, alas, I don’t have a lick of sense.

Now I’m well on my way, thanks to my three spiffy kitticons. I took the one that looks like Spooky, named it “Stuff to Sort”, piled everything from my desktop into it. Voila! Instant clean desktop!

Hey, it’s a start.


Thanks Prunella. I think this just might work. If not, let me know.
Download Kitticons



November 13, 2007

Gator Walk

Sue’s alligator,
dreamt that he ate her,
while strolling along on his leash.

To fill up his gizzard,
the oversized lizard,
decided he’d rather eat quiche.

Illustration Friday.