rabbit ears

November 16, 2007


Back in the good old days, when I was a kid, televisions weren’t flat and streamlined. They were big, boxy and took up half the living room, (that would be the console not the screen).

One of the most charming things about the televisions of old, were the rabbit ear antennae. These commical looking devices helped to keep the picture clear…intermittently. We kids spent a good deal of our tv watching time, taking turns standing next to the tube, holding on to the rabbit ears and moving them slightly this way and that, until the static dissapated. Once the sweet spot was located, we’d sometimes be asked to stand there for the remainder of the show.

Oh, and while we were up anyway, we got to change the channels as well. Can you imagine, no remote? The horror, the horror! How did we survive!!!

You really had to work at being a couch potato in those days.