November 18, 2007



A monster with horns,
as prickly as thorns,
delighted in causing folks dread.

But he shuddered with fright,
at the thought that there might
be a kid hiding under his bed.

Illustration Friday’s theme thise week is “Superstition.”

My drawing is a “mostly” finished watercolor/pastel for a children’s book project I’ve been dragging my feet on for quite a while now. Although not depicting the typical black cat, Friday the 13th, broken mirror type superstition, I figured the old monster-under-the bed theme illustrates a sort of superstion many children have. Although, whether or not it is a superstion or reality is still in question. I certainly had a hideous mouth breather lurking amongst the dust bunnies under my half of the bunk beds. If it wasn’t for the safety of my blanket, pulled up to my eyeballs for protection, I would have been monster munch and wouldn’t even be hear to tell you about it.

14 Responses to “superstition”

  1. prunellla Says:

    Aren’t those ex-boyfriends the worst!

    Love this one, Linder!!

  2. Vicki Says:

    Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie . . . FINISH THAT BOOK!
    : )

  3. valwebb Says:

    Love those monster toes! This is terrific.

  4. Miki Says:

    Beautiful illustration!
    I especially love the underlying tenderness with which you drew this incredible monster… i guess you are a wonderful caricaturist, from the kind who have a tender eye and hand for ugliness in faces, bodies, etc… I love that!

  5. love this! great idea and illustration!


  6. artseafartsea Says:

    Oh yes I remember it well. Great illustration. When ya gonna get that book out????

  7. studio lolo Says:

    The sweetest monsters have bunny slippers!! How cute is this?!


    So great. I love the look of sheer terror, and the curled toes. Fantastic.

  9. kstyles Says:

    This is awesome. Great illo, great colors, great poem.

  10. hehehe..great monster!

  11. Nancy Lefko Says:

    very cute…great illustration….I love the expressions on their faces !!

  12. cheryl Says:

    Great fun! You didn’t leave a thing out.

  13. TAli Z Says:

    This is so adorable!
    Reminds me of one of my favorite books growing up!

  14. tusen Says:

    very cute and great concept, too.

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