caffeinie meinies

November 30, 2007


Why is it, when you finally decide to cut down on coffee, because all week you’ve been swilling down enough of it to kill a small horse, you end up with that nagging little headache?

Do you want to know the reasons why? Well, you’re looking at them. Meet the caffeinie meinies.

You’ll find these little dudes residing in your brain (ok, my brain) and they require mass quantities of caffeine to keep them calm. Yes calm. In the event caffeine quotas are not met, they become agitated and commence bouncing around bumping into each other, getting into fistfights and creating all sorts of ruckus. The result of all these shenanigans is typically a throbbing head.

So really, the choice is yours. Deal with agitated, caffeinie meinies jackhammering your gray matter, or brew yourself up a cup of joe. Maybe two. Or, just go to Starbucks, there’s one across the street from you, or there will be soon.