caffeinie meinies

November 30, 2007


Why is it, when you finally decide to cut down on coffee, because all week you’ve been swilling down enough of it to kill a small horse, you end up with that nagging little headache?

Do you want to know the reasons why? Well, you’re looking at them. Meet the caffeinie meinies.

You’ll find these little dudes residing in your brain (ok, my brain) and they require mass quantities of caffeine to keep them calm. Yes calm. In the event caffeine quotas are not met, they become agitated and commence bouncing around bumping into each other, getting into fistfights and creating all sorts of ruckus. The result of all these shenanigans is typically a throbbing head.

So really, the choice is yours. Deal with agitated, caffeinie meinies jackhammering your gray matter, or brew yourself up a cup of joe. Maybe two. Or, just go to Starbucks, there’s one across the street from you, or there will be soon.


9 Responses to “caffeinie meinies”

  1. artseafartsea Says:

    This is great. You are getting better all the time. Keep it up but get your sleep too……

  2. Wow love these guys!
    My tag is ready :o)

  3. Alexis Says:

    Boy do I recognize these guys… of course mine look much more sinister, but the family resemblance is definitely there.

    Very cute.

  4. Helena C. Rådström Says:

    Hmmm… perhaps try drinking a glass of water every morning right after you get out of bed (if you’re not doing that already)… a very wise old lady once told me that (‘cos she looks much younger than her age! and without makeup!)… it has to be the first thing in the morning, even before you brush your teeth… i’m serious, not kidding now… it’s health, you know… 🙂

  5. sketched out Says:

    Thanks Helena, I’ll try it.

    Wonder how the meinies will react to that?

  6. littlesketches Says:

    Hmmm… they’s probably float around, enjoying the cool clear water, like summer vacation in the pool or the beach… the body can turn into an oven if we do not have enough sleep and drown it with lots of coffee instead, you know… if you keep up with the water-drinking every morning, the meinies would get used to it, and soon enough they’d be donning their swimming gear and sipping piña coladas! then, they’d turn into jollies! 😉

  7. sketched out Says:

    That just might be a post, meinies in bikinis.

    Hey, I had a big glass of water upon waking today.

  8. littlesketches Says:

    LOL! Very glad to hear that! Drink lots of water! Looking forward to your meinies in bikinis!

  9. […] posted a sketch based on our conversation on her site, Sketched Out. It first started with this post, where she was whining about how her caffein-starved braincells were giving her nagging little […]

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