December 3, 2007



For a small sum of money
Ben bought a pet bunny,
then figured he’d buy
just one more.

Ben felt some regrets,
because his two pets
soon became
four hundred and four!

Excess is the theme for Illustration Friday this week. So I once again dusted off a page of the children’s book I’ve been working on, (it’s been coming in pretty handy.)

I wrote this silly little rhyme and drew Ben and his bunnies about a year ago. It seemed fairly apropo for the theme.

I love it when things come together like that.


17 Responses to “excess!”

  1. gina Says:

    haha so funny, I love the bunny expression. We’ve got a song titled ‘ gang kelinci’ means the rabbit alley, the story is about an alley with many family with many children, the amount is similar as your illo- I think?! 😀

  2. emila yusof Says:

    Lol! Great idea! Love your illo!

  3. Ha, ha… how wonderful! Love this illo. Great composition and colors too! :o)

  4. Those bunnies can get out of control. This is a very nice clean illo. Good stuff.

  5. oh man this is great!! i love the illo and the rhyme is cute too!

  6. Heaven! That’s what I want for Christmas, 404 bunnies. Such beautiful soft colour.

  7. Helen Says:

    Great illustration and an amusing verse.

  8. tusen Says:

    yes, it fits the topic perfectly. Great illustration. The bunny on the boy’s head is my favourite.

  9. sketched out Says:

    Thanks everyone, for all the wonderful encouraging comments!

    Gina, that’s interesting about the song “gang kelinci”. It would be great to hear it sometime. Is it a funny song or sad? I suppose that subject could go either way, eh?

    Bambi, be careful what you wish for, hee hee.

  10. Nancy Lefko Says:

    just terrific….what a look of resignation on Ben’s face !!

  11. Faruffa Says:

    Great illo!
    amusing the subject and beautiful colors
    I love your style

  12. artseafartsea Says:

    Great illo and verse too. When’s the book coming out?

  13. cata Says:

    Absolutely beautiful!
    I love your style!

  14. Angela Says:

    Ha! Now that’s a lot of cute fuzzy bunnies! I like Ben’s expression, and his floppy friend on his head. 🙂

  15. Kelly Says:

    Very cute and funny illustration. Great job!

  16. studio lolo Says:

    This is too perfect! Bunnies just don’t know about family planning, do they?! I love this 🙂

  17. Roberta Says:

    That’s a whole lotta bunnies! Very cute! Your poem is very well done too. 🙂

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