out on a limb

December 10, 2007


No, I’m not speaking of Shirley MacLaine’s New Age novel from the 80’s. Nope, not talking about risk taking. In fact, I believe “hanging by a thread” might be a more appropriate term, (if you’ll allow me to be a bit melodramatic.) To put it in more realistic and simple terms, I’ve been procrastinating and am now scrambling with throngs of others, to achieve all my Christmas goals.

It’s tradition!

It always seems to come together nicely in the end, with little or no injury and sanity intact. In fact, I seem to do my best under pressure of looming deadlines. So really, no complaints, just a little kitty hanging on a limb, bearing an expression that mimics mine at the moment.

I’m going to resist telling you that I’m “hanging in there”, but really, we’ll both be fine. Like all felines, he’ll land on his feet, and I’m pretty sure I will as well.