little things

December 13, 2007



Melissa’s life is hard because
she has to wash the dishes.
She has to do her homework then
she has to feed the fishes.

Mom nags at her to clean her room,
until her face turns red,
then makes her eat her broccoli,
before she goes to bed!

Above are the first couple of verses from a much longer rhyme I wrote a couple of years ago. After much pouting and mischief ensues, Melissa has an epiphany that forever changes her life. Quite a compelling story…if you’re seven.

The theme for Illustration Friday is “Little Things”. Melissa is a little thing, and there are many little things getting on her nerves lately.

A bit of a stretch? Perhaps. It’s the holidays, I’m tryin’ over here.

11 Responses to “little things”

  1. i think it’s perfect, happy holidays.

  2. kstyles Says:

    This is great! I love the poem and I’m really loving the bright colors!

  3. artseafartsea Says:

    Is this from your book? Very cute and the verse is great.

  4. Oh this is great! :o)

  5. emila yusof Says:

    Adorable Melissa! The dog is so cute!

  6. Angela Says:

    This is perfect for ‘little things’, but Melissa probably thinks all of those chores are huge!
    Oh, and if she’s not going to eat those veggies I’ll gladly take them. That looks like a very yummy salad! 🙂

  7. Sparky Says:

    Awesome! I love this. Nice work!

  8. valgalart Says:

    This is a wonderful rhyme and illustration! I love your style and your blog is super cool! I have a blog and site on worppress too.

  9. Faruffa Says:

    I love so muche your personages, the colors and the shadings of your designs… may I ask you with that instrument works? (sorry for my bad English)

  10. scribblesk Says:

    Great expressions and gestures, beautifully done!

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