December 16, 2007


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Backside.”

Oh…hold on…,



Excuse me, I’ve just been informed that Illustration Friday’s theme this week is actually “Backwards.”

So sorry. Well, I hope you won’t mind a little kitty backside in your face. Those of us who have feline roomates experience this on a regular basis. I think you know what I mean.

Anyway, this kitty’s backside is pulling double duty, as it is also the theme of my holiday greeting card for 2007.


30 Responses to “backside”

  1. Helena C. Rådström Says:

    lovely backside nevertheless! 🙂

  2. Ha, Ha… you made me laugh with this one! :o)
    What a great illo! Perfectly rendered… and very interesting point of view ;o)
    But really, it a really interesting perspective :o)

  3. carlasonheim Says:

    A cat haiku:

    We’re almost equals
    I purr to show I love you
    Want to smell my butt?

  4. Faruffa Says:

    ha ha ha, troppo forte!!!!
    it means … I’m not able of traslating, but it has a very positive mining in Italian

  5. Doug Says:

    Hey… I was just admiring your kittybutt earlier today. Butt I didn’t leave a comment. That was not in the holiday spirit, was it? Anyhoo… I like your cat mucho, and thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a nice comment!

  6. eli Says:

    Ha! Great stuff!

  7. kevin Says:

    Nice design the whole thing works really well -kudos!

  8. rui sousa Says:

    GREAT WORK,fine and REALLY NICE! KEEP ON! you have talent!

  9. prunellla Says:

    The leave-behind is the snow that he’s scratching backward much like litter!

    Adorable depiction of the cats most prized part(s)—I love it.

  10. Christine Says:

    Haaa haha ha ahah! This is the best one so far! (I’m going through IF site)

  11. kylie Says:

    this is great. I love the distressed edges.

  12. Fantastic. You draw such perfect wee kitty bumholes. Surely you know I mean that as a compliment…

    Great card!

  13. Nice drawing of a backside. The animal and frame texture is really great.

  14. sketched out Says:

    Thanks so much guys! So wonderful to get feedback from such a wonderful diverse group of creative talents, such as y’all!

    Happy Holidays to one and all!!

  15. Sparky Says:

    Great work! I’ve done that before, too (slightly diff IF word – oops). It keeps things lively. 🙂

    Thanks for your comment!

  16. cata Says:

    I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!
    So funny and cute!
    Happy holidays to you.

  17. Alias Says:

    So cute 🙂 Nice work

  18. Ratlion Says:

    This just makes me happy. Feel like dashing through some snow myself 😀

  19. Nancy Lefko Says:

    Fabulous….I really enjoy your posts !!

  20. froggie Says:

    hahahahah! backwards, backside, it’s all good from this angle! (oh i cannot BELIEVE i just said that.) great fur and light. love it! :))

    happiest of holidays to you and yours, sketchy! :))

  21. valgalart Says:

    Incredibly GREAT!!! i love your art and you have the best sense of humour in all of your postsyou make me smile! LOve this! Happy Holidays!

  22. Love the texture around the outside. Great composition.

  23. Kelly Says:

    haha too funny! What a great holiday card 🙂

  24. tusen Says:

    hehe, sweet and wicked. And I know exactly what you mean 🙂

  25. bobo's slave Says:

    oh…I love this so much, beautiful fur, cute…cute…cute…

  26. David Sones Says:

    Hehe… kitty bum. I think it is a rule that cats must put their little bums in your face to greet people.

  27. studio lolo Says:

    I think when a cat head-butts you or puts it’s butt in your face, it’s a show of endearment. Is he winking at me?? ha ha ha!! I love your illustrations so much!

  28. gina Says:

    ahahahahha! funny! I love this kitty, and your other kitty too!

  29. Vicki Says:

    I’m laughin’ over here!
    The kitty feet crack me up.

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