airy fairy

December 22, 2007


Pretty cutestie stuff, I know. But hey, it’s the last day at work before a long holiday weekend and instead of the usual property management or men’s apparel clients, I was given the task to come up with something for a children’s clothing line. The client wanted a fairy princess with a rainbow coming out of her wand.

So who am I to argue?

An enjoyable project, that felt like playing on the job…and I get paid for it!!

You have to love it!

So, here is the proposed label art, (or at least a first go,) and a vector version, for a possible logo.



2 Responses to “airy fairy”

  1. artseafartsea Says:

    She’s adorable. Not bad getting paid for it too….

  2. Sharon Says:

    Hi! love the fairy..

    Is it okay if I copied the fairy and put it on my door? My room’s door, I am not going to sell it….. Just put my names on the bottom of your work and than I print it and put it on my bedroom’s door

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