January 5, 2008


Since Leopard won’t cooperate with my canosan N650U’s driver (a dinosaur apparently,) I’ve decided that instead of addressing the issue tonight, I would simply rummage around my archives for a blog-worthy image.

Not sure if he is that, but this little nutcracker dude has been collecting dust in my files for a while, so thought I’d blow the cobwebs off and give him his 15 minutes of fame, (so to speak.)

He adorns the holiday candy box, of a client that I cannot mention, nor can I show you the box, under penalty of painful death, or something worse…a lawsuit.

In addition, Smiley, up there also represents the last vestiges of Christmas 2007, all finally packed away in tear soaked boxes (sniff.)

Hopefully, tomorrow, scanner at hand, we’ll move on to a new day.

Freshly cracked walnut anyone?