January 8, 2008



She sings for the crowd,
and feels very proud
of a voice that can shatter glass.

But rather than cheers,
the crowd plugs their ears,
She sounds like she’s full of hot gas.


Despite what others think, our heroine perseveres. She gives it everything she’s got. She gives 100%. That and some Beano might help her reach her ultimate goal, and if not, at least she’ll never need to ask that burning question…”what if?”

Illustration Friday’s theme this week is 100%.

30 Responses to “100%”

  1. lil kim Says:

    awesome! you can definitely tell she’s putting in 100% (and that’s saying quite a lot!)

  2. Detlef Says:

    Great take on the topic, good for her for belting out a tune.

  3. kstyles Says:

    This is funny! Great job!

  4. Faruffa Says:

    ah ah ah hot laughing gas!!!

  5. That one guy seems to be enjoying it. He is creepy.

  6. dot Says:

    Very funny! I like it…

  7. Ha, Ha….This is wonderful!! I think you put 100% into this because it shows.. Love it :o)

  8. bobo's slave Says:

    Wow! Another adorable illo! I like the different expression of all the faces!

  9. studio lolo Says:

    I’ve always said, “It over until I sing!”
    Great character….perhaps there should be some musical notes coming from elsewhere???
    Thanks for the morning smile 🙂

  10. timafli Says:

    Wonderful illustration and great concept. Great work.

  11. leafprobably Says:

    Great picture! I think she’s in the wrong profession though, she could probably be quite a lucrative glass smith!

  12. nina seven Says:

    great illo! so nicely done and i love the idea!

  13. Kate Says:

    Ha! Wonderfully drawn and written! I am lifting an imaginary cup of Earl Grey with milk and honey in your honor! : ) YOU really are quite talented. I am adding your link to my list of links I love.

  14. Danielle Says:

    Hee hee. Very clever! I love your dramatic lighting and use of colour! She’ so passionate!

  15. Jess Says:

    This is a really clever interpretation of 100%. I’m still wondering what to draw…

  16. mrsb Says:

    what a wonderful illustration!! She’s giving a hundred percent, that’s all that matters! really well done!

    a : )

  17. sheree Says:

    well done and absolutely hilarious!

  18. Wonderful expressions and viewpoint. I also like the limited palette for most of the painting and full color for your focal point. Well done.

  19. Jajajajajajaja, excelente ilustración…
    Gran concepto el de dar el 100% para conseguir nuestros objetivos o nuestros sueños y esta gorda cantante lo lograra sin duda alguna.

  20. timafli Says:

    Thanks for dropping by and the compliments.

  21. valgalart Says:

    This is my favourite for the theme. Hilarious and wonderful! Your details are sublime!!!

  22. artseafartsea Says:

    You are a regular laff riot! Great job. Got a good laugh.

  23. Vhrsti Says:

    Very funny! Great illo and great color palette you use!

  24. Diana Evans Says:

    wonderful work!!! 100% fab..


  25. Debra Cooper Says:

    She’s working so hard I’m out of breath. Great illustration!

  26. Beano huh? Maybe they should hold their noses too!
    You are too funny! Love it!

  27. Pickledog Says:

    Lots of fun things happening in this illustration! I how she is really letting it all out, and the expressions of the audience. The guy dead center looks like he may be down wind.

  28. Meng Says:

    I like the colors and composition a lot, but I really like the guy with glasses in the front row. He doesn’t look totally displeased. I think he has a secret crush on the singer.

  29. sketched out Says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful feedback and humorous comments! It really keeps me going. It’s great to know so many appreciate a couched approach to potty humor, heehee.

    Everyone who has visited is a wonderful talent, (I know, I checked) so it’s just that much more encouraging to get positive feedback from y’all!

    2008 is already a great year!

  30. Both the poem and illustration are wonderful. I like how you used color and size to make the singer the focal point.

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