January 10, 2008



She has snowy white fur
and a deafening purr.
Her toes are like pink pearl erasers.

Although painfully shy,
she can be bribed by,
the soft ripened brie she much prefers.


The image of a ballerina came to mind, yesterday, while staring at Iggy’s feets. Staring at her pink toes and pristeen white feet fur and admiring the otherworldly grace she’s been known to exibit while padding across the fireplace mantle. She ambles along this 3 inch wide path, past tons of chachkis and photos, with nary an item knocking over.

The girl’s got grace.

Of course, when I have to rescue a terrified, de-tailed lizard from under our bed, one of many she proudly trotts into the house, the ballerina image dissipates rapidly.