stitch deux

January 15, 2008



My mind is typically a roiling cauldron of cute overload (kittens, babies and butterflies, oh my!) competing with more quirky monstery things. This week’s Illustration Friday theme, “Stitch” brought both to the surface, wrestling it out

Looks like it’s a tie.


25 Responses to “stitch deux”

  1. Nancy Lefko Says:

    I love it !!! you really can’t ignore that little popped stitch….

  2. studio lolo Says:

    yay…Frank used in a different way!! You’re so good!

  3. bobo's slave Says:

    The baby is far too cute, and this piece brings more imagination, feel sorry for Frankenstein. Love both.

  4. Get Zapped Says:

    Poor Frank ;( But, excellent illo! Great use of color.

  5. ooops…he dropped something! He might need a little help holding his arm in place while he stitches.
    Wonderful as always!

  6. empressnewclothes Says:

    I think I prefer Frankie… a slight cruelty always makes good comedy? 😉

  7. Faruffa Says:

    Grande grande grande!!!!!
    I am dying from laughter, his expression between obtuse and
    Smart is legendary.

  8. Alexis Says:

    Poor Frank… at least it’s reparable. You can’t make me choose between the two, you can’t! Soooo cute.

  9. mrsb Says:

    what a faboo illo!! It’s really well done! poor guy!

    a : )

  10. dot Says:

    Hi, I like it! I was thinking of doing a frankenstein thing too, but i went another way. this is a neat idea!

  11. cata Says:

    OH!!!! I love him!!!
    Love your color palette.

  12. dintoons Says:

    great illo…. especially love that carefree baby!!

    and linda, such AMAZING ARTWORKS on your blog!!! i simply LOVE your style, esp your pencil works!! thanx for the inspiration, and do continue to share your superb drawings n illos!!!
    oh and your lil poems are a riot, hilarious!! perfect lil gems to go with your dazzling drawings!! :o)

  13. Like this one very much! Nice colours.

  14. kstyles Says:

    Aww poor guy. This is a great illo. I like Stich PartI too. Great work here.

  15. artseafartsea Says:

    Love this one. Frank indeed? Colors are intense. Looks u have a real fan base.

  16. Kelly Says:

    Woops, he dropped something! 🙂 Great illustration.

  17. Excelente ilustración… Pobre franky, su vida es tan difícil!!!…jajajajaja

  18. Stephanie Says:

    I gotta jump on the Frank bandwagon here — what a character! They’re both good though, you have a very lively and charming style.

  19. Kate Says:

    Love this to death! I’d give my right arm to a guy like Frank.

  20. Jess Says:

    So creative and again, brilliantly drawn.

  21. Angela Says:

    What a great Frankie! I love his, “Oh shoot, not again” expression. 🙂

  22. valgalart Says:

    Amazing idea and i love the colours and background too! 😛

  23. scribblesk Says:

    What a charmingly goofy monster!

  24. froggie Says:

    ahahahahahahahahahaah!!!! this one rocks, sketchie…his poor lost arm. maybe that friend of al, from al’s toy barn, he could come and sew it back on? remember? he fixed woody’s arm but then buzz talked him out of going to japan, to the kaneecheewa toy museum, in japan? (ok…i need to go lie down…walk away from the puter…i think the gwosh has “fumes.”) “D

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