January 20, 2008



When it comes movies, my taste is all over the place. I adore a dialogue heavy, character driven, Indie film, but get equally excited by an over-the-top, “popcorn” film. A clever, quirky, dark comedy is always a winner with me, but a silly, gross-out film will have me giggling and repeating catch phrases for weeks. Period pieces or estrogen-rich, chick flicks will have me filling up a baskets with tear soaked kleenex, but put on a good ole “Spaghetti Western” and you’ll also have my rapt attention.

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Plain” and the first thing that popped into my head was “High Plains Drifter,” and old favorite of mine.

I haven’t seen it in a while, but I remember enjoying the stark beauty of the landscape, (filmed at Mono Lake in California), the morally complex plot and implied supernatural aspect, and of course, my man, Clint Eastwood is his usual, squinty, enigmatic self.

In a few minutes, Tom and I are going to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” (a film I should have seen by now, tsk tsk.) I’m really looking forward to seeing it, but truth be told, on this Walrus Weekend, wouldn’t “High Plains Drifter” be more appropriate?

Facing reality seems like too much work tonight.


23 Responses to “plain”

  1. And he disappears into the shimmering haze of the horizon!
    You are so darn talented!

  2. Detlef Says:

    Nice caricature.

  3. empressnewclothes Says:

    Clint losing out to Al? Oh my, time has changed! Clint might have to shave those bristles and clean up his act soon!

  4. faruffa Says:

    Oh yes! time has changed … by the spirit of Clint to Brokeback Mountain !!!
    Excellent, as always

  5. studio lolo Says:

    I did some custom cabinet decorative painting in the house next door to Clint in Pebble Beach. He never did come over to ‘make my day.’
    This is an excellent characature (sp?). You are SOOOO multi-talented.

  6. Brine Blank Says:

    Really great…High Plains Drifter happens to be one of my favorites of The Clint…they just had a mini-marathon on AMC not too long ago with Hang Em High, High Plains Drifter, and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…too bad I stumbled on to it on a work night…I was tired the next day…

  7. artseafartsea Says:

    What a great caricature! Old Clint. He doesn’t look that good anymore.

  8. Nancy Lefko Says:

    Made me laugh the minute I saw it !! GREAT caricature !!!! You are SO talented !!

  9. sketched out Says:

    Thanks everyone! Thanks for stopping by and and for the feedback encouragement.

    Roberta, cool final scene, eh?

    Detlef, thanks!

    Helena, Al did win, and it was worth it. He explains global warming the way Carl Sagan explained the cosmos. Pretty eye opening.

    Faruffa, I know! From macho to sensitive. Westerns have changed.

    Laurel, wow, I think I would have come up with some excuse to knock on Clint’s door, hee hee. Borrow some paint, or something.

    BB, thanks for stopping by. I think maybe I’ll have my own marathon soon. Not on a school night though.

    Mom, thanks! But I sort of think Clint still looks good for a geezer.

    Christian, thanks!

    Nancy, thanks for all your encouragement.

    Thanks everyone!!

  10. Eric Orchard Says:

    A really perfect portrait. Your stuff is fantastic.

  11. bobo's slave Says:

    This is Western, you really brought out the character. Ahem, Chinese New Year is coming, I’m quite curious how a oriental looks turn out to be in your fabulous style.

    For you’re one of my favorite blogger, I can’t help myself to pass you back the “You Make My Day” award. Thank you so much for giving me this wonderful award, You really make my day. XD

  12. sketched out Says:

    You are very welcome Julia, and thank you as well. Please give Bobo a scratch behind the ears for me. Oh, and I’ll see what I can do about your Chinese New Year’s sketch (0;

  13. Kate Says:

    This is wonderful- spot on! I could tell right away it was dear old Clint. I am the same as you when it comes to movies….just entertain me!

  14. Danielle Says:

    Wow – this is superb! I have been catching up on your blog as I have not visited for a while and your sketching just blows me away. I love it! I must make an effort to come back more often!

  15. Ok.. now I know I’m being repetitive but… YOU ARE SO TALENTED GIRL!! Your stuff always amazes me. You should send this to Clint, he should put it up on the wall of his living room. :o)

  16. timafli Says:

    This is a nicely done piece. You did good jobs to paint it. For me, it is hard to paint digitally, may be I need Wacom Tablet. Very cool Clint Eastwood, attitude rocks. Thanks for dropping by on my blog. Thanks again.

  17. there is nothing plain about your work, i am in awe….wow….

  18. valgalart Says:

    You really captured Clint, I knew it was him right away.Great work!!! I loved this movie too and all the Sergio Leone movies too!

  19. Angela Says:

    What a great stubbly, gritty Clint illo!! You captured his western essence. 🙂

    I definitely recommend Painter. It’s great fun to play with. I commented on this over at my site. If you decide to give it a go send me an email for more tips.

  20. froggie Says:

    ok, now please don’t laugh. when i was doing the “link viewer” last night for IF, i came here and saw this and was wowed, naturally, but then it didn’t dawn on me that it was you, sketchie. i though it was someone else and then i felt shy so i said nothing and clicked away. was that a blurry cognitive moment i had? i wonder…all that was in my mind was that theme…ennio morricone…but i didn’t make the connection.

    he’s fantastic! i had NO idea you did caricatures…

  21. enigma Says:

    great caricature of mr. eastwood! nice work.

  22. kathryn Says:

    You’ve captured the essence in a powerful way! Super!

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