blog orphans unite!

January 24, 2008


It was a dark and stormy night….no wait…ahem…it’s raining like people and dogs out here in So. Cal!!

Ok, seriously now, I may be a quick sketch of a kitty, but I have feelings too, and I am here right now to make a plea. I’d like to speak on behalf of all the pets out there who have bloggers for parents. I’d like to pose this question to you. What ever happened to watching the telly? What ever happened to stopping for a moment, listening to the rain, having a little soup, letting us lick the bowl, then allowing us to curl up in your lap and watch some tube? Lap Time, we, the furry, like to call it.

Lap Time is a very critical part of human/pet bonding. Do you even care?. Nooooo! You are too busy tap tap tapping away at that flat thing on your desk, pushing us off of it, staring at that silvery, shiny, thing with pictures all over it. That thing you call the Interwebs!

I guess, I just want to say (sniffmeow) if you care about us at all, you will get up from the webbernets, walk over to the t.v. and spend a little quality time with the ones who love you unconditionally.

Do it or I’ll poop in your shoe.


14 Responses to “blog orphans unite!”

  1. Ratlion Says:

    Has your Kitty been talking to my dog? Only, I’m sure he’d want Tug-of-War time as opposed to Lap time (he’s a 2 year old lab, which means he’s more or less a 14 year old kid..and you know, kisses just aren’t that cool :D)

  2. “I know kitty you are totally right on this one. We are being put a side and forgotten. I’m a lovebird and ….. (don’t look at me that way! go have your kitty food or something) as I was saying, my mom doesn’t pay much attention to me, or the dog, or the 2 crazy gerbils living up stairs. This morning she took a picture of me bathing and put on her bloggy thing and she thinks it’s all better now for doing that. But no! I’m with you Kitty… blog orphans unite!!!- chirp!”

  3. sketched out Says:

    Ratlion, yes, I can understand that. Although, I knew a lab that thought he was a lap dog. Pretty comical watching him pin unsuspecting people down, as he tried to sit on them.

    Alicia, er, um, I mean, Chiqui, maybe you could get your own blog, peck some musings out with your beak. Thanks for commenting, little bird.

  4. mame Says:

    Merlin and Lady say, “Right On.”
    Ahem, I second the motion.

    Actually the rain is beginning to get on my nerves.

  5. studio lolo Says:

    Yep…this rain has gotten on my last nerve. I usually like it, but this rain has been never-ending and freakin’ cold. So…my pets aren’t orphaned because I’ve (for 3 days in a row now) taken myself to bed for a little nappy-poo with cat and doggy snoring next to me! I have to say I am NOT a napper. Hate it actually, but I hate the rain worse.
    So…perhaps you ought to try cajoling the old lady into a nap?? Could work.

  6. Angela Says:

    Alas, I have no pets at my apartment, but I love my parent’s cats. It’s now been a month since I’ve been to see them, and I’m starting to feel the withdrawals pretty hard. As I was walking outside today in the 5 degree snowy weather I thought I really miss my little Andy. He’s a great cuddler, and we kept each other warm over the holidays. *sniff*

  7. sketched out Says:

    Mom, I figure Merliin and Lady would jump on the bandwagon, hee hee.

    Laurel, yeah, I love he rain too, but not so much commuting in it. But I think another walrus weekend is in order, complete with napping and some snoring, cuddling kitties.

    Angela, I just got done returning your email and voila, there was a comment from you, funny. I sure hope you get to see your little Andy soon. Nothing like a cuddly kitty to warm the spirits. Brrrrrrr, 5 degrees.

  8. I usually have a snoring Chihuahua at my feet when I’m at the computer! She’s feels it’s safer than being chased by Olivia in a cowboy hat and stick horse yelling “Yee haw, ay boy!” I must agree!

  9. bobo Says:

    I love to sleep on Julia’s lap when I’m a little kitten, but now, I not really like it, unless for some certain time when I feel like wanted to get closer to her. It’s insufficient space for me now. I love to sleep on the table next to the computer where I can totally stretch my body. Now she has to beg me for sleeping on her lap.:D

    Here is some tips for those unhappy kitties out there. To draw attention from someone you love when they’re too busy with the taip taip taip thing, just lie prone on that flat thing or sit in front of the silvery, shiny, screen, and you can get all the attention you need for sure.

    Good luck.

  10. ha ha so true, when snuffles has had enough, she comes and puts her paws on my lap as if to say ‘what about me’. then i always stop and have a romp with her, we end every day with cuddles on the sofa or on my bed (naughty me).

  11. Sparky Says:

    Hilarious. Nicely written, it made me glance at my cat a fraction of a second longer before I got back on the laptop. sigh.

    RYC: Sure, you can borrow “water fowl.” In fact, I’d like to share another choice phrase that my wife and I use often. It’s French and it sounds much prettier than what it describes. E-mail me and I’ll call you names!

  12. Wow, your cats (in addition to being so lovingly drawn) are very patient and reasonable. How did you manage that? Mine says “Hey, get off that damn computer, now! I mean it. See these blades? I got ten of them. Want them embedded in your forearm? Then get OFF the computer.”

  13. Vicki Says:

    The paws on this cat remind me of the bunny feet you made many moons ago . . . stubby and chubby : )

  14. Emily Says:

    this is exactly why I have no pets!(last remaining stuffed animal asside… but he’s very low maintnance)this kitty in the rain is miserably darling!

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