January 25, 2008



Because he was wise,
the owl would advise
on the great many things that he knew.

But his friends began fearing
he had trouble hearing.
When they called him by name, he’d ask “who?”

12 Responses to “who?”

  1. post this for IF tales and legends’ it’s so good, you are very talented.

  2. Faruffa Says:

    The owl is terrific, his expression i so funny, and I like so much his feet.
    I also think it’s perfect for IF topic
    ciao :o)

  3. OMG… I love this ! You clever girl!
    I’m particularly fond of wise old old owls!
    Even hard of hearing ones!

  4. I have been run ragged the last couple of weeks, between home renovations and helping my father move both his home and his shop, my quality internet time has been nil. But I knew I would have Saturday morning to blissfully surf, and your blog is my first stop (I meant to start earlier, but hey, at least I’m here). I knew I would have a bunch of fantastic stuff to catch up on, it’s kind of like taping favourite shows to watch all in a stretch.

    This is so wonderful, I love the squirrel’s expression. Beautiful!

  5. sketched out Says:

    Thanks you guys! You’re the best! All y’allses that come and comment, you really keep me going!

    FY and Faruffa, I might just consider submitting it to IF, although I had another idea in mind. But this is done and would be easy, hee hee.

    Bambi, great to see you. So sweet of you to make me the first stop. I honestly don’t know how you do it. Work full-time, post every single day, help your dad and still… turn out fabulous, witty, stuff. You go girl!

  6. Great poem and composition. I like how the moon frames the owl, who is distinctive and cute, and I really like the subtle sky and arching branch.

  7. Vicki Says:

    Let’s get that book put together, dear. The world is missing out on this major cuteness! : )

  8. This is soo good!! Love it, Linda :o)

  9. Eric Orchard Says:

    Wonderful piece, I love the world you describe in your work, just amazing.

  10. gina Says:

    wow this is awesome!:-)
    whoo.. whooo….
    I’m just don’t have time to do any sketches and need some refreshment, and this one really comfort me, thanks for the routine update of our blog Linda, it’s like a vacation for me looking at your site

  11. Jess Says:

    This is so clever, the drawing, the idea, everything!

  12. bobo's slave Says:

    Wow! This is great! I always love owl, we call it “an eagle with cat face” in chinese.

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