tales and legends

January 28, 2008



I was craving garlic pizza,
so I grabbed my trusty bike,
and peddled off to Lou’s Place,
where they have the kind I like.

Rushing home, my luck turned sour.
I blew out my front tire.
As I stopped to check it out
I saw my first vampire.

He snuck out from the shadows
of the jacaranda tree,
and hovered just above the ground
while making eyes at me.

He smiled at me with sneery lips,
and stared his vampire stare.
Then floated over to me.
Man he gave me such a scare!

I pretended not to notice,
that his eyes were glowing red.
But he knew that I was frightened.
You can’t fool those darn un-dead.

I figured I was done for
as he flashed his gleaming fangs.
Then I got this great idea
when I felt some hunger pangs.

Remembering I bought some
garlic pizza from Lou’s Place,
I grabbed it from my bike rack
and I shoved it in his face!

The vampire’s eyes shot open!
Oh he croaked just like a toad!
My trusty garlic pizza
caused the vampire to explode!

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Tales and Legends.”


16 Responses to “tales and legends”

  1. Faruffa Says:

    Formidabile interpretazione!
    I am very curious … now I go to translate poetry.
    ciao :o)

  2. milan rubio Says:

    Funny Garcilicious illo!
    Expressions on the characters are great.

  3. artseafartsea Says:

    That’s a great sketch! Interesting poem. How do u come up with them?
    Love that vampire and they are not my favorite people.

  4. hat garlic, but love thie illo, terrific

  5. Alexis Says:

    Just brilliant! Love both the poem & the drarwing.

  6. This is tooo good… as always :o)

    Also I wanted to let you know Linda, I gave you the “You Make My Day” award. I love visiting your blog and your comments on mine always make me so happy.

    Thank you!!!

  7. Ha, ha…I just realized, just as I was hitting the enter button to post the comment, that you already have an award! Well you are a very popular blogger friend that make a lot of people’s day :o)

  8. froggie Says:

    ok, you WROTE that? duh on who did the illio, but you WROTE that? you make your own homemade RISOTTO, too, sketchie? holey animal crackers….great illio and lovvvee the poem! 🙂

  9. sketched out Says:

    Thanks so much youse guys.

    Faruffa, I translated your comment online. Aren’t I the clever one? Thank you so much!

    Milan, thanks so much for stopping by. I really enjoyed your blog when I visited today.

    Mom, Thanks for always being so supportive.

    Forever Young, thanks! You may hate the taste of garlic, but it’s certainly good to have on hand, just in case you run into any of these fellas (0;

    Alexis, thanks so much sweetie.

    Alicia, you are the sweetest thing! Thank you so much. Right back at ya!

    Froggie, you’re so cute. Thanks! My mind is just addled enough to come up with silly rhymes on a pretty regular basis. Glad you like it! Don’t encourage me, I might do it again.

    Mmmm, risotto sounds good, maybe I’ll just whip some up from scratch…not!

  10. Mary Beth Says:

    Your poem is a riot! and the illustration is perfect. Now I know what kind of pizza to order when I’m riding home on a dark night:)

  11. Nancy Lefko Says:

    wow…an excellent artist with sublime poetry !!! I’m impressed….

  12. Well I’ve been waiting to see your IF post.
    Your work is awesome and you’re a hoot!

    Lou’s is gonna have a run on garlic pizza tonight!

  13. bobo's slave Says:

    I think the vampire wouldn’t come close to me. I love garlic! 😀
    Your creativity is unlimited. I have a broad grin on my face. XD

  14. kim Says:

    So awesome! What a great post. I really love the poem that you did with it. It really makes the illustration even more intriguing!

  15. snowee Says:

    The poem is sheer delight!!! The colors are magical and the vampire is wicked, but lemme tell ya that little girl is downright adorable. I cant tell which I love more. Geezalou, Linder……You are outdoing yourself on a daily basis….lovin it!!!

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