er, um, excuse me…

February 7, 2008



A situation like this is sure to induce a feeling of uneasiness and, possibly cause a person to feel, um, well, antsy.

However, when faced with a dilemma such as this, one must remember to remain calm. An ant’s curiosity lasts as long as it’s attention span, which is quite short. Feigning nonchalance is best. In 10 to 15 minutes the novelty of wearing your jeans will no doubt wear off. The ant will soon run off to check out something shiney and you will once again have possesion of your pants and your sanity.

13 Responses to “er, um, excuse me…”

  1. CathyG Says:

    Just found Sketched Out via your comment on Paper Pictures – I love your drawings and your sense of humour, so much fun – I’ll be back again!

  2. tombarrett Says:

    Sometimes I think my kids have an ant like that in their pants!

    Makes you think… what would ants call “Ants in your pants”?

  3. Bobo Says:

    love the boy’s expression, he’s like pleading for his pants back…

  4. Jess Says:

    I love it – hilarious!

  5. the kids in my class all had ‘ants in their pants’ today. i suppose ants say ‘kids in their pants’!!

  6. That’s one heck of an ant!
    I’d give him the pants and run!
    Wonderful expressions on your characters.

    I really enjoy my visits here. 🙂

  7. snowee Says:

    I love your illustration! I especially love how you draw the feet on your peeps!

  8. Mary Beth Says:

    Is that where my pants are? Actually, I’m not sure I’d like to run into the ant who fits into my pants:)

  9. studio lolo Says:

    has Princess Pepper Cloud seen this ant? She’ll die from excitement! I’ll have to send her the link. You do the most fantastic characters. I can’t say enough about your talent! ( and your wit and your charm…)

  10. kim Says:

    I think he is going to stretch those pants out! I hope ants aren’t trying them on at the store before I get them. The simplicity of your blog really showcases these cooler than cool characters!!!!!

  11. valgalart Says:

    whew! i was worried for a moment 😛

  12. hahaha!! i love the boys expression

  13. Ha, ha, ha.. love this too :o)

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