February 11, 2008



They say that French poodles
are fond of egg noodles
and dachshunds love limburger cheese.

A pug will finagle
cream cheese on a bagel
when not busy scratching his fleas.

Featured are a couple of the many delectible treats dogs have to choose from, for this week’s Illustration Friday theme “Choice.”

20 Responses to “choice”

  1. Faruffa Says:

    Your pieces are always extra … the dogs expressions split me one’s sides laughing (can I say so?)

  2. You know I have to come for my daily visit.
    Where do you come up with these things!
    Are you saving these for a book?
    Too clever!

  3. Helen Says:

    Brilliant. Very amusing and lovely artwork.

  4. very clever. thanks for the smile! πŸ™‚

  5. artseafartsea Says:

    Can always count on you for a smile or lol. Funny stuff and love the colors!

  6. mrsb Says:

    OMG that is too cute!! Did you write the verse as well! Too clever!!

    a : )

  7. buep Says:

    he, he! Very clever idea! Really nice work!

  8. yum yum
    bagels and cheese
    yum yum
    cheese cake
    yum yum
    sweet illo.

  9. timafli Says:

    Like character, very funny.

  10. gina Says:

    hahahaha, love that rhyme, you should make and illustrate a rhyme books, be a 2nd mother goose :D! really!

  11. froggie Says:

    this brain…ohmygowsh….it’s like sucking on helium coming here….wonnnnderful! πŸ™‚

    and ty, ty, sketchie for your super nice thoughts on my friday blog. :)))

  12. fossfor Says:

    great doggie expressions, this made me laugh,thank you πŸ™‚

  13. Bobo Says:

    it’s make me smile, as always. very lovely character, i love the itchy pug, so…..cute.

  14. valgalart Says:

    you are the greatest! πŸ˜›

  15. studio lolo Says:

    Love the fleas! If they landed on the bagel he could always pretend they’re poppyseeds πŸ˜€ These guys and the ditty are great!

  16. kathryn Says:

    Quirky and wonderful!

  17. Kate Says:

    He he he he he, I love this. You are so clever. Sorry I missed this last week!! But glad I saw it tonite!

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