caricature of a stranger

February 16, 2008



“It’s really quite scary,
how terribly hairy,
I’ve gotten.” said dear uncle Ned.

“Hair sprouts from my nose,
from my ear grows and grows.
Too bad there is none on my head!”

A little ditty I wrote a while back, just seemed to fit.


Our workday shackles were unlocked early today and instead of going straight home I decided to indulge in some geekery and headed over to B&N. The 12 year old boy inside me loves comics and graphic novels so I spent 2 hours devouring 4 or 5 of these treasures while fueling my caffeine addiction with some mediocre coffee.

I was pouring over “Black Hole” by Charles Burns, when I noticed the guy sitting next to me, (the one who could have flopped himself in one of the many empty seats that were not right on top of me,) was overtly staring at me. Well, not at me specifically, but at what I was reading … and me.

Being from the western hemisphere I tend to read from left to right. Concentrating on the left page, I hadn’t yet noticed the right page contained an image of a young man, fully and frontally nude, (emphasis on the good bits, if you know what I mean.) This thing took up a quarter of the dang page. So, I’m not sure what I found more unnerving, the fact that my new, unwanted friend would rather crane his neck to read my book than read his own or the fact that he seemed so fascinated with ME reading this book. It was all just a bit creepy.

No matter. One well placed, withering look and his nose got stuck right back in his own book. I’m territorial that way.

Now, what this has to do with the above image … is exactly nothing. However, after recovering from the indignation of having my “space” invaded, my attention was soon drawn to a poor, unsuspecting gentleman with the most wonderful, character-ridden face. Uh, yeah, that would be him up there and yes I sat there and drew him.

I guess I’m lucky he didn’t shoot me a withering look. What a good sport.


By the way, I ended up buying “Batman Hush” by Jeph Loeb, Jim Lee and Scott Williams. The art is amazing! Also “The Last Man” by Brian K Vaugn, Pia Guerra and José Marzán, Jr., some great art and interesting story. I’ll get “Black Hole” later, it was so good, but didn’t want to spend my whole paycheck in one place, hee hee.


14 Responses to “caricature of a stranger”

  1. Ha, Ha… this is awesome Linda! I could just see you reading the book and I could also picture the huge.. well… you know.. Gosh! And the guy looking at you… Ha, ha… This is such a funny story!!! :o)

    Did the second man, the one in the caricature, ever get to see it?
    It is great!

    I love visiting your blog Linda! I get to see your amazing stuff plus also I get to laugh out loud.. love it! :o)

  2. He appears to be shooting you a bit of a look right here…

    He’s great, and nice framing.

  3. Well that’s some interesting reading material you’ve got there Linda! Uh… What did you say the name of that book was again?!!! LOL

    Nice sketch!

  4. studio lolo Says:

    Thanks for the morning laugh!

    I’ve tagged you for 2 things on my blog. Yep…I’m catching up on stuff, so now you’ve been double-whammied. These aren’t labor intensive though 🙂
    One is the ‘love and peace’ meme and the other is an “I Love You This Much” award.

    I’m toodling off to the studio for doodling now.

  5. mrsb Says:

    love this guy, his expression is wonderful (and mischievous)! Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

    a : )

  6. Bobo Says:

    Just wonder, would you give away your sketches if the one who lay on your sketch book come approach you and give you nice compliment?

  7. artseafartsea Says:

    Great caricataure!

  8. chickengirl Says:

    Ah yes, I do love heading over to B&N sometimes with a good graphic novel…sometimes in the manga section, where I get (or think I get) weird looks from the KIDS that are reading the same thing I am. Sigh!

    You are such a wonderful writer! It seems so effortless. And great illustrations to go with it!

  9. leafprobably Says:

    Great old man nose!

  10. sketched out Says:

    Hey, thanks you guys, for coming by and visiting on the weekend!

    Alicia, no the gentleman didn’t see the drawing, since I believe I was pretty sneaky. Thanks for such a nice compliment.

    Bambi, thanks! I think that’s my guilty conscience shining through.

    Laurel, you are too sweet! Thanks so much for the award!

    Andi, thanks, he does, dosn’t he, hee hee.

    Mom, thanks!

    Jannie, glad to know I’m not alone, hee hee. Thank you very much. Blogging does help you stretch your creative muscles. It’s fun.

    Leaf, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I need to stop by your wonderful blog. Haven’t been there in a bit.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. sketched out Says:

    Julia and Bobo, I would definitely give my sketch to someone if they liked it. Especially if it was the person who was the subject of the sketch. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. froggie Says:

    man, sketchie…check out that face! bet he looked ZACTLY like that, too…beady eyes. dunno, that kind of bugs me. i think i would have shoved him away towards the “human growth” section.

    just got “i killed adolph hitler” by “jason”…now, this was an interesting one. part “tin-tin” and part “old school steamboat willie.” very thin, very fast, very weird, and pretty funny. sorrrt of. my hubby liked it way more than i did. i um, have a “manga prob” right now tho…the fashiony stuff is getting waay cooler and edgier. like nana. did read “the dark knight returns.” wow. we all kind of do the same thing…that’s so cool! “)

  13. snowee Says:

    Awesome caricacture! The story is all too familiar…

  14. Mary Says:

    i pretty much live at B&N (BN for me). i read, write, study. and i too find it very aggravating when there are many empty tables and a gaggling bunch of girls or guys decides to sit next to me. i’d rather not be plugged into anything audio, but i have an ipod for such emergencies and listen to Dan Gibson cds — nature sounds with classical music — the best background for creativity besides silence. it is bad when the people near me are so loud i can’t even hear the music on the ipod.

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