February 17, 2008


The joyful unawareness of extinction theories.

Dinosaur extinction theories have been the subject of debate among scientists for quite some time now. One of the most popular theories, first proposed by Walter Alvarez in the late 1970’s, suggests the dinos were unable to survive climatic changes caused by a giant meteorite crashing to earth near the Gulf of Mexico. Dust and debris kicked up by the impact, blocked sunlight long enough to set off a deadly chain of events. Plants were unable to survive without the sunlight, causing plant eaters to die off, which in turn caused meat eaters to perish as well.

Personally, I blame the tyrannosaurus rex. So fond of raves were these behemoths. So oblivious of their surroundings were they. While gyrating and stomping about to their trancey, music, these scaly revelers never even noticed the giant earthquakes that resulted from their dance party. The seismic activity that followed tripped a volcano or two and set off a chain reaction of further volcanic eruptions. The climate change brought about by the post-rave eruptions, is, what I believe caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Look it up.


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Theory” and the Sugar Frosted Goodness challenge is “Joy.” So I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.


21 Responses to “theory”

  1. Raving dinos! Now that’s something I’d like to see, except well, those flying fire balls are deadly!

    Like your take on this theory!

  2. studio lolo Says:

    I’m having my own rave over here right now if you know what I mean. A rave of LAUGHTER caused by your wonderful sillyness!! The posturing of this guy is precious. He’s in his own world, dancing like nobody’s looking for sure. I looooove this theory!

  3. Emily Says:

    hihi… party like ther is no tomorrow! love you humor!

  4. artseafartsea Says:

    Reminds of someone i know. Hmmmmm. Very cute and original.

  5. Mark Says:

    I love the meteor and of course the dancing Trex. This is an apt statement for our times and transends the topic.

  6. sketched out Says:

    Roberta, thanks! I wouldn’t mind seeing it too… from afar, and of course, sans meteorite.

    Laurel, thanks! It was no easy task trying figure out how a T-Rex would look dancing, but it was a lot of fun trying. Glad you like it.

    Emily, thanks so much!

    Mom, hmmmm, I’m curious. I can think of a few different someones. Thanks!

    Mark, thanks for stopping by and the nice compliment. Also I agree, after you get past the intended silliness. Good to live in the moment, like there’s no tomorrow, but unlike the dinosaurs, we may be able to ensure there IS a tomorrow.

  7. Ryan Loghry Says:

    haha… great job. I love the pose on the dinosaur.

  8. Yes, as I always say.. blame it on the dancing dinos! ;o)
    This is great Linda!! Love his pose too and the color are you appealing :o)

  9. senta Says:

    The dino is adorable!

  10. Bobo Says:

    Love the contrast between the destructive meteor and the happy dancing dinosaur. Very imaginative theory and lively illo! You have unlimited sense of humour! LOL!

  11. Angela Says:

    Ah, finally a theory that makes sense. At least he went out happy! His pose is priceless! So gleeful. So full of life….well until one of the giant fireballs knocks him square in the noggin. I love his smooth round tummy! 😀

  12. This guy is fantastic, you’re so good at capturing movement — this dude is full-on raving, man. Sweet oblivion. Bummer about the extinction business, but what a party…

  13. froggie Says:

    hahah!!!! we BOTH did theory dinos! he’s wonnnderful, sketchie! :))

    great gesture, great p.o. view…boom shakalakalaka! “)

  14. GO REX GO! 🙂


  15. Kate Says:

    Wow. A dino-rave? Really? You crack me up. Nice theory!

  16. timafli Says:

    I really this piece, very humor and true. Nice colors.

  17. snowee Says:

    I did look it up and you are strangely correct!!! Good work!!!

  18. Kelly Says:

    Very funny and I love the dinosaurs happy dancing pose. Nice illustration!

  19. David Sones Says:

    Hah-hah! I love your theory, and your dancin’ dino!

  20. valgalart Says:

    I love how you are always so out there in your thoughts and ideas! The stance, layout and colours are incred! Really, very, cool!!!

  21. That theory could be relevant, seeing that nobody can resist dancing to some good music.

    Renzo E. Hernandez

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