February 22, 2008


There are few things more rediculously cute than the hedgehog. I was reminded of this on one of my visits to Dooce where she had this link. Just had to pass it on.

While you’re at it, you might as well go here too.

It’s winter, people are cold, feeling under the weather and they really need to see hedgehogs.

Try not to smile. Go on, I dare ya.

10 Responses to “hedgie”

  1. Faruffa Says:

    You are absolutely right it is so tenderly funny, as I saw him I wanted to adopt!

  2. Bobo Says:

    Oh! I in love with him!

  3. Ha, ha.. you got me Linda! I was smiling right from where I saw your post so by the end when you were daring us.. well… it was too late for me.
    I love hedgehogs! They are the cutest aren’t they? Awww adorable sketch :o)

  4. mame Says:

    Very cute. Love the eyes.

  5. czygyny Says:

    He’s adorable! Well done! They are such funny little creatures! One of my ‘alter-egos’ is a hedgehog (when I am feeling shy and withdrawn)

  6. Thanks for the smile, what a cute lil’ guy!

  7. Emily Says:

    hihi I am inclined to agree!

  8. senta Says:

    What a CUTIE!!! I love him!

  9. Cute sketch Linda.
    Hedgies….At first I thought he was smiling and then he was eating….. and then the one in the hat!
    Big grin!
    I really enjoy the research you put in your posts!
    Way to go girl!

  10. They’re so adorable, I’m really not sure how people manage to get any work done if they have them as pets, I would spend all my time just looking at them, their teeny tiny feet and their little woodland creature eyes. And I had no idea that watching them eat could be so entertaining – I would be absolutely useless…

    Love this fella, his wee wiggly nose is perfect.

    I see you were sick too, I think it has hit everyone everywhere. I spent most of the last week in bed myself. Hope you’re feeling better!

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