February 24, 2008


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Multiple.”

In light of this theme, I think most folks would agree that the ability to multitask is pretty much manditory these days. Other than wearing roller-skates all day long or having your self cloned, eight arms might come in very handy.

Perhaps with these extra appendages or tentacles (for the pedantic,) you could, while designing that logo for your client, also wash the dishes, balance your checkbook and make yourself some lunch. You might even consider picking up a some dumbbells with your suckers and work those flabby biceps.

While your at it, you really have to watch this. Make sure to watch it to the end, because that’s where you will see how amazing octopus really are.

28 Responses to “multiple”

  1. Kate Says:

    I love your illo – I am not used to seeing you go digital! Very nice.

    And I loved the video clip. I think octopus are so neat – I love watching them on Animal Planet. So interesting. I am just amazed by ocean life in general.

    Great stuff tonite!

  2. Coralie Says:

    Very smart idea !
    I’d love to have such a multitask mollusk at home !

  3. tombarrett Says:

    Oh to have 8 arms. Cute illustration.

    Wow, awesome video. That last octopus was neat. Never knew they could change like that and do it so quickly.

  4. studio lolo Says:

    You clever girl!! Yeah, eight arms would be convenient most days. The video clip has been removed by the administrator…poophead.( and I mean that in the nicest way.) I really wanted to see it.
    Have you seen the article in this issue of National Geographic about animal minds? It has an octopus in there that can recognize people and he even plays games! Animals rock! And so do you 😉

  5. Love your illustration Linda! What a perfect take on the theme. I feel like that sometimes ;o)

    The video was amazing… thanks for sharing that! Octopuses are really smart creatures. I saw on TV once, one of them trying to open a glass jar lid to take the food that was inside. He didn’t know how to. But when scientists put another glass tank with an octopus that did know how to do it in front of him.. he just saw it one time and learned how to and was able to pop it open when they gave him the jar, the second time. Very cool :o)

  6. I could use a few more arms I’m about six short! Or maybe I just need an octopus! What do you think?
    Well done Linda!

  7. froggie Says:

    ohhh!!!! a feather duster! a retro ocotopi! exxccccellent! and i don’t wanna THINK about what an OCTOPUS can do. i mean, what’s to stop it from opening up the hull of a BOAT and eating everybody inside? YOU SEE 20000 UNDER THE SEA???? (ok, that’s my best kirk douglas.)

  8. Nancy Lefko Says:

    Love your illustration, Liinda. And thanks for sharing the video…my 8 year old ocean expert LOVED it, as did I.

  9. Faruffa Says:

    cute cute illus, and the video is really charming!!!
    … Judging from the eyes I suppose your octopus is not so happy about all this multi-tasking…

  10. I love Mollusk-tasking. Your illo is great! I think I can give that mullusk a run for it’s money! Thanks for the smile!

  11. mollusk-tasking! that’s great!
    i love that her expression is so nonchalant, as if to say, “piece ‘o cake….” and a bit smugly suggesting “arachnids got nuttin on me!” 🙂

  12. Dee Says:

    Fantastic! I could use one of these around the house! (Actually I really needed one in the classroom. Grading papers, contacting parents, preparing lessons, etc.)

    Fun picture, the octopus looks pretty chipper. Have you seen the Planet Earth series? THOSE are some pretty awesome octopi!

  13. artseafartsea Says:

    Actually you are describing mothers. They have to do all those things daily. Of course a few more arms would help. Very cute.

  14. Heather Says:

    LOL love the title. Nice clean illustration with great character.

  15. dot Says:

    heheh… i wish I had multiple arms 🙂
    very cute!

  16. Diana Evans Says:

    Wonderful submission…very clever idea…and I just love the multi-tasking…hehehe


  17. Pickledog Says:

    Having the extra limbs would be pretty useful. The only problem is my sweater budget would quadruple!!

    Great concept, and a wonderful illustration as always!

  18. Vicki Says:

    . . . she even has a beak “mit” lipstick. Absolutely da-link.

  19. Bobo Says:

    Another fun looking illustration, enjoy watching the video too, a salute to the octopus!

  20. leafprobably Says:

    Wow that video is amazing, I have just started scuba diving, so I can’t wait to get back out in the water to find myself an octopus!

  21. lil kim Says:

    very good. octopi are the ultimate multi-mollusk-taskers, that’s for sure.

  22. kathryn Says:

    Ingenius, not to mention cute!

  23. kim Says:

    Clever, clever, clever!!!! I want that guy at my job!

  24. glaucia Says:

    Love your work ! love your style !!

  25. timafli Says:

    Really multitasking octopus. Nice color blend in the head of the octopus. Great job.

  26. octopusmom Says:

    Hello there…I found your illustration wonderful and I was wondering if you would allow me to place it on my website as my banner logo and possibly to use it as my WordPress Avatar? I would be more than happy to place a link to your blog on my links page of my website as well as add you to my blogroll. If’s okay..Just thought it couldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks
    Octopus Mom

  27. sketched out Says:

    Hi Octopus Mom,

    I’m very flattered that you like my drawing enough that you’d like to use it on your blog. Sure, you can use it on your banner and for you avatar, and I would love it if you gave me credit of some sort.

    Thanks, Linda

  28. Lee S. Says:

    That’s a cute illustration. It reminds me of a cartoon I saw when I was little. An octopus was doing basically the same thing, but got her tentacles mixed up and took a bite out of a feather duster.

    Does anybody remember what I’m talking about?

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