bad idea

February 26, 2008


As is often the case, I woke up with the strangest image in my head… turkeys.

Despondent turkeys to be exact.

I know, it’s not even November and I’m already concerned about the mental health of turkeys.

Well, truth be told, the SFG challenge this week is “Bad Ideas” and what came to mind was the urban myth about turkeys being so dumb, they look up in the sky when it rains, and thereby drown. A story obviously perpetrated by the turkeys themselves to gain sympathy around Thanksgiving.

A little digging around online revealed the fact that turkeys do not have binocular vision (i.e., the ability to focus both eyes on the same object). A turkey’s eyes point sideways, so looking up into they sky to check the weather; not likely to happen.

Hopefully this news will curtail any future turkey suicide attempts, which, of course, would be a bad idea.



One of my favorite peeps, Laurel Gaylord of Studio Lolo bestowed this very sweet award upon me. Her beautiful artwork, inspiring writing and always encouraging comments  are some of the reasons I’m shooting it right back at her.

As I’ve mentioned before, there are a great many blogs that I love and visit every week, too many to count. So instead of having a giant list, I narrowed it down to my newest friends. These are folk I’ve only just recently stumbled upon and fell in love with.

Artsy Folk:

Andi Butler of  “Gee, That’s Swell

Jannie Ho of “Chicken Girl Design

Kathleen Rietz of “Kathleen Rietz-Artist

Kelly Medina of “Property of Kelly

Writing Folk:

Saucygrrl of “The Cats Demand Answers

Shannon Steven of  “Leaf, Probably



Laurel also tagged me for the Peace and Love meme, created in an effort to spread world peace and loving energy as far as we can reach.

This meme was created by Zari, another terrific person and so thoughtful for coming up with the idea.

In fact, it’s such a great idea, that instead tagging peeps, I feel anyone who sees this could spread it along.

There’s a lot of love in the room here today!