not even sure why

February 27, 2008


Today, I was having one of those days.

You know. One of THOSE days.

Nothing especially horrendous happened, but when a string of coffee spillings, eyeglass misplacements, late to work gettings, rude cell phone intrusions, tailgatings, client kvetchings, kitchen sink pipe cloggings and gym shoe forgettings occur, nothing brightens your day quite like a cowboy bunny maniacally flailing on the back of an annoyed giraffe.

You know what I’m sayin’?

17 Responses to “not even sure why”

  1. artseafartsea Says:

    Now that’s funny. LOL. I am sure everyone can relate. You should have a load of comments by now. Maybe they relate too much.

  2. froggie Says:

    ok now THIS made me smile mondo huge. now i don’t need to reach for a shot of yaegermeister (eeeshh!) or 2 pounds of dark chocolate to get thru this cruddy week. must be the moon, sketchie…must be the moon.

    your expressions are always so whomping good! dead on bitchy giraffe! and maniacal bunny. :))

  3. Nancy Lefko Says:

    Perfect….and what an expression on Mr. Giraffe’s face !! Thanks for the smile.

  4. Hmmm… I wonder if his drain is clogged too!

    That bunny looks like my little one swinging her very beat up cow boy hat! “Yee haw! Aay boy!” Only it’s a stick horse not a giraffe! Funny though giraffes are her favorite!

    All I can say is… it’s almost the weekend!

  5. Emily Says:

    Oh so relate, hade a week of “those” days a while back… could have used a wild giraf ride then! sweet pick me up and a lovely drawing!

  6. Nancy Lefko Says:

    Linda, thanks for the great comments on my blog….I especially love your inventive vocabulary !! 🙂

  7. lil kim Says:

    yes a cowboy bunny and annoyed giraffe generally make my day too. Love your wild turkey suicide attempt too, that’s brilliant. thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂

  8. eli Says:

    I’m not even sure why you didn’t draw this sooner…

    Brightened my day¡

  9. Vicki Says:

    muy deleitoso
    très ravissant
    very delightful!

    Gracias mi amiga!

  10. i haven’t visited you for ages…sorreeee…this is how i feel today….an ‘oh shit’ day…………..

  11. Bobo Says:

    The bunny looks enjoying the ride! But what’s going to happen next… God bless him!

  12. gina Says:

    I definitely need one of those adrenaline rush, one of this day! *_*

  13. delaverobum Says:

    Thanks for your sweet comments. Your characters are great, specially the cats, hehe! Lovely Blog!

  14. Diana Evans Says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog… means a great deal to have so much support during this time…


  15. Oh, I know those days, I had one of those weeks. And thankfully, your bunny-on-giraffe action is exactly what I needed as well… just what the doctor ordered.

  16. studio lolo Says:

    I think Buns is happy ’cause it’s “leap” year! ba-doom-boom! I’ll be here all week.

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