scooter buns

March 4, 2008


A quick, rough sketch tonight, running out of time… times flies and so, apparently do Easter Bunnies on a tight schedule.


15 Responses to “scooter buns”

  1. Bobo Says:

    A rough sketch??? For me, it’s so well-done! This reminds me of my father’s scooter, those good old time.

  2. Faruffa Says:

    I agree with Bobo, well done and very witty, her back is very funny.

  3. Jess Says:

    Lovely drawing! I’m a bit worried about those chocolate eggs going to waste though!

  4. Nancy Lefko Says:

    GREAT….love the little face in the side mirror !!

  5. artseafartsea Says:

    Cute. Very novel. And of course good sketching.

  6. Go dudes, go! Go!

    Fantastic. And as much as I love your colour work, it’s great to see sketches sometimes too, they’re great as-is.

  7. eli Says:

    This is so great! Now I want to see a whole story with them hiding eggs all over Paris.

    I’ll need that by next Tuesday. Mmkay, thanks.

  8. chickengirl Says:

    Its so rare to see bunnies from the back and driving away. Great illo. I keep thinking “ba-ba-bad to the bone bunnies”. Ha.

  9. LOVE IT!! Its so cute. Love how the bunnie’s reflection is on the little mirror and he’s got a very cool attitude by the way! Ha, ha.. perfect!

  10. So which one of those bunnies goes by the name of Dennis Hopper? LOL…I think maybe “Born to be Wild” is the soundtrack that goes with this illo!

    Cute,cute, cute!

  11. froggie Says:

    oh man. you DO have 3 cats, dontcha? you draw for them. bunnies, demi moore…wow. so, where are the scooting mice? the mice supremacy? the kittie ultimatum?
    love his little puffy bottom! :))

  12. Pickledog Says:

    Meep-meep! I think the eggs need little crash helmets! : )

  13. Stephanie Says:

    LOL, I love it! The eggs are the perfect finishing touch.

  14. gina Says:

    this is very funny to look at, you’re a jenius in capturing animal movement and I like it better than a Demi Moore- *laugh hysterically..

  15. studio lolo Says:

    Oh no, hare-pin turn up ahead!

    How freakin’ cute is this? And that mug in the mirror? Priceless.

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