moore better

March 5, 2008


… and now for something completely different. A spot I did ions ago, of Demi Moore for an article in The Ventura County Reporter, about “Charlie’s Angels, Full Throttle.”

I enjoy caricatures, but give me bunnies on scooters or dancing dinosaurs any day.

9 Responses to “moore better”

  1. artseafartsea Says:

    Really good caricature. Even tho I can’t stand her. LOL.

  2. valgalart Says:

    you are very good at this!

  3. tombarrett Says:

    I have a lot of admiration for those that can do this. To exaggerate a person as such and still have it look like them. Really cool!

    Though the nominees are pretty much decided, you might enjoy this. Artist John Kascht talks about his caricatures of all of the candidates.

  4. froggie Says:

    ok and WOW. demi moore. cut like a stone. and you gave her bangs…very nostalgic. like when she was in “about last night.” before she was um, surgically skimmed down. remember her on GENERAL HOSPITAL? when she was jackie? the dame for rick springfield? and then when she was freaky “jules” in st elmo’s fire? and her hair? like, omgowdd! yeow. i just stepped into the black hole that twas the 80’s. SOMEBODY YANK ME OUTTTA HEEERRE!!!

    you should work for mad magazine… :)))

  5. Pickledog Says:

    Fantastic caricature! Love her bulging biceps! I do prefer the scooter and robot bunnies over Demi as well.

  6. Bobo Says:

    Ahem, Demi Moore with horrible muscles! But I can’t deny that this is a great and vivid caricature.

  7. ronnifairy Says:

    I want her stomach.

  8. Mary Beth Says:

    Damn! Were you watching me come out of the ocean again?

  9. studio lolo Says:

    I am SO her twin.

    (Brian just came in the room to pick me up off the floor from laughing so hard at my own comment.)

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