…and bears, oh my!

March 10, 2008



Conversation, last night, after arriving at Sequoia National Park’s Wuksachi Lodge.

Linda: “Did we get all the food out of the trunk? I don’t want to wake up to bears raiding our car.”

Tom: “Yes, we got it all.”

Linda: “Are you sure? Because bears can smell any little thing. Even gum.”

Tom: “I think we’ll be fine honey.”

Linda: “Wait, there are some vitamin waters left in the cooler.”

Tom (slightly less patient): “It’ll be fine.”

Linda (becoming slightly shrill): “Bears can smell through plastic. Rangers told me that once.”

Tom: Wait a minute, it’s winter. Aren’t bears supposed to hybernate in winter?”

Linda: OH YEAH! Hee hee. That’s right… whew.

Linda: “You know there may be some early risers.”

Tom: “Bring the vitamin waters in.”