…and bears, oh my!

March 10, 2008



Conversation, last night, after arriving at Sequoia National Park’s Wuksachi Lodge.

Linda: “Did we get all the food out of the trunk? I don’t want to wake up to bears raiding our car.”

Tom: “Yes, we got it all.”

Linda: “Are you sure? Because bears can smell any little thing. Even gum.”

Tom: “I think we’ll be fine honey.”

Linda: “Wait, there are some vitamin waters left in the cooler.”

Tom (slightly less patient): “It’ll be fine.”

Linda (becoming slightly shrill): “Bears can smell through plastic. Rangers told me that once.”

Tom: Wait a minute, it’s winter. Aren’t bears supposed to hybernate in winter?”

Linda: OH YEAH! Hee hee. That’s right… whew.

Linda: “You know there may be some early risers.”

Tom: “Bring the vitamin waters in.”

12 Responses to “…and bears, oh my!”

  1. studio lolo Says:

    This brings back so many memories of my first marriage. I just can’t go there, but this really did make me laugh! Now it’s that darn mountain lion that’s been ruining my walks. I hate it when that happens :-/
    Where do you find the time to entertain the masses??

  2. Jess Says:

    OMG and I thought WASPS were scarey enough!
    Brilliant drawing.

  3. I didn’t know bears liked vitamin water!
    Smart bears! Cute Linda.

  4. Bobo Says:

    Very entertaining conversation and wonderful drawing. You and Tom are really two cute couple.

  5. Bobo Says:

    Hee hee, cute couple! (type too fast!)

  6. tombarrett Says:

    Like most early risers, the bears who were up before it was time would probably be too tired to ravage your car!

    Love the expression on the bear!

  7. Ha! He looks precisely like me in the morning — wholly unimpressed. Love the pile of bears in the background, the lazy sacks…

  8. Kelly Says:

    haha too funny!

  9. Mary Beth Says:

    That is exactly how I look in the morning:)

  10. artseafartsea Says:

    Really cute. Love the bear.

  11. timafli Says:

    I really like this drawing of the bear with a coffee. Good job.

  12. erin Says:

    hee, hee, just like my dog, he can smell everything! (except he carries a backpack not a briefcase)

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