March 14, 2008



Our neighbor’s orange tabby,
was quite big and flabby,
because he did nothing but eat.

He’d gobble and nibble
on tuna and kibble,
‘till soon he could not see his feet.

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Heavy.”


I can’t seem to figure out which medium I am the most comfortable with, so I agonize over a couple different ones. The top one was done in Adobe Illustrator and brought into Photoshop. The bottom image (unfinished,) was done with Carb Othello pastel pencils on Canson charcoal paper. I’ve also tried watercolor with pastel and am currently struggling with gouache.

Maybe one of these days I’ll hone in on one and be done with it.


(click to enlarge)

27 Responses to “heavy”

  1. Vhrsti Says:

    Oh, brilliant work! Love this a lot! Garfield can’t hold a candle to him 😉

  2. mark Says:

    fun stuff 🙂

  3. Coralie Says:

    Oh poor cat ! His owners must have fed him too much ! I imagine he is no more hungry for the little mouse ! Fortunately for her !

  4. Nancy Lefko Says:

    how funny…it is great whatever the medium is…and I love the look on the little mouse’s face !! great job !!

  5. I am laughing so hard ! This is wonderful. We knew a cat like this once upon a time. His name was Tiny…or was it a she, no one could tell.

  6. Diana Evans Says:

    hahahaha…to funny! love it

  7. Too much Kibble for that kitty!

    I think your work is wonderful in all your different mediums. The traditional version has great depth and life in it.

  8. studio lolo Says:

    sadly, this is my cat’s body! It’s a long story as to why she’s so obese, but it’s not from being overfed. I just tell people she has big bones 🙂
    I’m going to email her pics to you. Please don’t think I’m a terrible kitty mom when you see these!
    OH…I love BOTH sketches! Who wouldn’t?!

  9. Jenn Hogg Says:

    I love this picture! I have a cat named “Fat Cat” who looks just like this kitty – except she is black. I find her laying around on her back with her feet in the air all the time or spending endless hours chasing her own tail!

  10. erin Says:

    it’s not the cat’s fault the his bed is too small, great illo. (i don’t think the mouse is afraid of being eaten, just rolled on top of).

  11. Faruffa Says:

    Oh Linda this is AMAZING!!!!
    I love their feeling and the way they look each other (pink foot is too fun!)
    ciao :o)

  12. valgalart Says:

    You should stick with both, being that you are so versatile and talented it just means more to offer the world. All the facets of you are super appealing! Mostly your humour!!!

  13. Awesome!!! Ha, ha love this Linda!
    I actually love BOTH a LOT. The pastel one is so beautiful and has a visual texture that i just love.. and your digital piece has lot’s of light and clarity… difficult to choose. You are amazing :o)

  14. Tracy Says:

    These are both wonderful! You did a great job in both mediums. 🙂 Don’t “hone in” on one…keep doing them all ’cause you are definitely talented in more than one area!

  15. artseafartsea Says:

    Hmmmm I seem to remember a cat like this one only he was black. They are both great tho. I think I like the pastel pencil one best. Love the colors.

  16. nina seven Says:

    he hee this really made me laugh! thank you for making my day!I like both of the images!

  17. Kate Says:

    This made me laugh instantly! You are so funny! I love them both, actually, for different reasons. But if I had to choose one for this topic, I would choose the digital one (as if you asked for my opinion!) Anyway, always a pleasure visitng your blog.

  18. froggie Says:

    ok, now, i just got off this train with a fellow artist. his argument, “tradigi” vs “traditional”? he thinks we lose the “touch/the feel” when we play in a digital playground. i dunno. i look at it as another box of crayons to play with, ya know? there’s much to be said about HOW you see things vs the TOOLS you use. but think about it, sketchie…dontcha think that if CHUCK JONES or SENDAK or um, even da vinci had a puter, dontcha think they’d play there, too? add it to their tool belts? you hand is just as strong just as confident with a mouse/stylus as it is a cpencil. i think it’s the journey man, not the path you go up. ok, shutting up now. :-X

  19. Jess Says:


  20. chickengirl Says:

    as much as I’m a fan of adobe illustrator, I must admit I like the one with the pastel pencils much much better.

    This fat cat reminds me of my sister’s cats lol. Don’t tell her though!

  21. Teresa Says:

    I love illustrations that make me laugh out loud — this is a very funny cat and mouse!

  22. Bobo Says:

    This is too cute, lovely character. You’ve perfectly handle these two different medium. I love the fluffy looks of the pastel pencil one, and this digital one is just beautiful and outstanding. Despite the medium and technique, I think the most difficult part is the creation of ideas and characters.

  23. gina Says:

    I love the pastel version, because the kitty have kinda ‘popped out’ tummy button hahaha!! ^_^’

  24. Bee Says:

    What a fantastic piece. Great fat cat! Love your drawings and characters throughout this blog.

  25. Loni Edwards Says:

    Nice job! I like both versions. I personally am more comfortable with digital, but I like to branch out of the comfort zone every once in a while. I think its good for us to try new techniques. Love the poem and I especially love your little mouse and his expression!

  26. Angela Says:

    I love both versions. I like the white outline look in the pastel version. I’m struggling with that medium question too. I want to work more traditionally, but then I lean on digital because I know I can get it done faster, and I can work with layers and multiple undos.

  27. lil kim Says:

    haha, great illo and poem! I like the pastel one better, but I just prefer the look of natural media generally…

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