hitting the bull’s eye

March 19, 2008



“You’re not going to be happy until you put someone’s eye out

A bull’s-eye is the center of a target in both archery and darts. The shot taken to achieve this feat is called hitting the bull’s-eye.

Although originally a sports term, bull’s-eye can be used for pretty much any design or pattern utilizing concentric circles. Bull’s-eye can also be used to describe a lens of short focal length, a circular window, a piece of glass inserted into a ship’s deck, or those round, striped mints you stuff into your pockets when the waitress isn’t looking, as you leave the restaurant. That’s right, I know you do.

Being quite the versatile idiom, hitting the bull’s-eye along with hit the mark and hit the nail on the head is used when someone or something is absolutely correct. For example:

“Honey, your remark about my butt looking fat in these jeans really hit the bull’s-eye. Now here’s your pillow. Enjoy sleeping on the couch tonight.”

Anywho… bull’s-eye… versatile… oh yes, the origin. Yeah, no luck there. It may have been used since the 17th century, but the etymology seems to be a mystery. At least none of my sophisticated sources (Google) has revealed anything.

I do have one question however. Why a bull’s eye? Why not a fish or a bird or a bunny’s eye? How about dinosaur’s eye? Something to think about when you don’t have anything more important to ponder.


11 Responses to “hitting the bull’s eye”

  1. Jess Says:

    Great expressions! Your characters always look as though they could really be alive!

  2. dougrogers Says:

    I laughed at this one. Great character work.

  3. Bobo Says:

    Great expression. I especially like the guilty look of the bunny.

  4. Ratlion Says:

    😀 Lol. Brilliantly funny as usual! Been catching up on your previous posts and can I say I love all your styles? (Particularly the pastel Flabby Tabby! It’s lovely!)

  5. valgalart Says:

    your characters live!

  6. studio lolo Says:

    oweeee! I can tell Buns is really sorry. This is great!

    Please don’t kill me but I’ve tagged you again. This one is short, fun and easy though. Do it only if you want to 🙂 For meeee????
    See details on my six word memoir post.

  7. artseafartsea Says:


  8. Mary Beth Says:

    It’s always funny until someone loses an eye, my mother always use to say!

  9. Love the looks on both of their faces. Priceless.

  10. By the way, can one obtain a cork-gun these days? I could make great use of one.

  11. Ryan Loghry Says:

    I love this one sketched out. The expression on the bunny is priceless. 8 )

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