what a doll

March 25, 2008


When your morning starts at the crack of dawn, you’re cranky from sacrificing two hours a day to freeway commuting, twitching from impending deadlines, blurry-eyed from lack of sleep, in short, when you’re as busy as a moth in a mitten, what do you do?

Why, you add yet another project to your docket.

I’ve decided to design and stitch together a stuffed animal, fashioned after the little character, hovering above. Boris, Murgatroyd, Bob, whatever his name is.

I thought I’d share my progress so far: Pattern designed… check. Everything marked, cut and pinned… check, check, check. Even got some legs and ears stitched together and finished (see below.)

Look, you can see my Wacom tablet is finally getting some use… as a surface to set things on. (I really need draw with that thing one of these days.) I also have my trusty, monster cup of tea at the ready. Heck, I even got myself a tomato pin cushion. I’m official now.

My reason for putting this project out there is in hopes that it will keep me somewhat accountable to finish it. So, I’ll keep you posted on any further progress. However, at this moment, I seem to be at a bit of an impasse. I’m trying to figure out what to use for his big, baby green eyes.

Any suggestions?

(click to enlarge, if you wish)