fowl weather

April 30, 2008

Well, the heat wave is over, for the moment. It’ll be back and I have fudgesicles at the ready.

In the mean time, here are some hot, hot chicks for your animal idiom pleasure. ( It’ will be interesting to see how much traffic I get via the search words ‘Hot Chicks.’)


messie nessie

April 28, 2008

Perhaps because today is Monday. Maybe the unseasonable 98 degree heat can be blamed. Then again, it may simply be the mass quantity of sugar-free fudgesicles consumed in an attempt to beat said unseasonable heat. What ever the reason, Nessie, that behemoth, Scottish lass of Loch Ness Monster lore, continually intruded upon my thoughts today.

She did this all day long.

Her and that maniacally, cheerful grin.

My only recourse, tonight, was to wipe the fudgesicle schmutz off my chin and draw Nessie. Draw her in an effort to exorcise the silly, sea serpent, nuisance from my mind.

Ok, that, and just one more fudgesicle.


April 26, 2008


This fellow I know,
a rotund rhino,
finds grazing completely preposterous.

Prefers reading sonnets,
to birds sitting on it,
forgetting to be a rhinoserous.


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Wrinkles.” Read the rest of this entry »

cat got your tongue?

April 23, 2008

sugar gramps

April 22, 2008

Most weekdays, around 2 p.m. you’ll find me hanging out at a ridiculously popular cafe, walking distance from where I work in the Valley. I usually sip a little coffee, (decaf these days) and do some sketching. Bunnies perhaps.

Not feeling especially moved to draw any of the customers du jour today, I did, in fact, sketch out a bunny or two. As I scrawled out a cottontail, behind me I could hear an impatient Read the rest of this entry »

ninja squirrels

April 21, 2008

I watched a squirrel gracefully bound across the street in front of my car the other day. His small body and bushy tail undulated comically to the other side of the busy thoroughfare. As I absentmindedly watched, my car idling at the red light, I was reminded of Read the rest of this entry »


April 18, 2008

Fossils of the lesser known Bunnisaurus Rex have been found in a variety of rock formations dating to the last three million years of the Carrotaceous period, approximately 68 to 65 million years ago.

Like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Bunnisaurus was bipedal, with a massive skull balanced by a long heavy cotton-tipped tail and very small forearms. Unlike the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the B Rex, as they are sometimes referred to, were herbivores, feeding on the now extinct intelligent form of carrot. Further differences of note include: fluffiness and mood swings ranging from giddy to dangerously annoyed.

The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Primitive.”