naked as a jaybird

April 12, 2008


I woke up with a start today,
because my dream went wayward.
I dreamt I went to my first class,
naked as a jaybird.


“Naked as a jaybird” seems an odd phrase, especially when you consider the blue jay is quite nicely outfitted in blue, feathery, finery. However, I couldn’t really tell you the origin of this idiom, although some folks speculate that the term may have something to do with the youngsters of the jay family.  Baby jays, featherless, (naked, you might say) have a tendency to get so overexcited and impatient about getting out there and flying, that they sometimes clumsily plop right out of their nests. So, I suppose we can just go with that one, unless anyone out there can unlock the secret.

Hee hee, little naked jaybirds scrambling about on the ground, waiting for mama jay to bail them out. How embarrassing, eh? Wonder if they ever dreamt that would happen.



18 Responses to “naked as a jaybird”

  1. Some say this term refers to a new felon (bird) being stripped and processed for jail (J)… somehow it just doesn’t paint nearly as cute a picture as your little birdie! Love her shower cap!

  2. sketched out Says:

    Ahaaaaaaa! That makes total sense, Roberta. Thanks for clearing that up and for your comment (0:

  3. eli Says:

    haha, that’s awesome… I like how the shower cap is see through and the pose and expression are perfect!

  4. artseafartsea Says:

    U R too much. Where do u find the time? It was a lol moment for me. Love it!

  5. Mary Beth Says:

    Laughing out loud – great expression on her face:)

  6. He, he.. love the little towel and the shower cap!!! You know I had never heard that? I’m glad every time I visit your blog I’m having fun and learning to :o)

  7. Eric Orchard Says:

    Wonderful picture! No matter what it means.

  8. oohhh like you banner Linda! Very cute!!
    Coincidence I recently updated mine too :o)

  9. sketched out Says:

    Thanks, all you weekend commenters. It’s so nice to hear from all of you.

    Artsea Fartsea, believe it or not, the only reason I found time to do this one, was I couldn’t sleep, and instead of tossing and turning, I just got up and drew. I’m tired now, but hey, I wasn’t accomplishing anything laying there, right, heehee.

    Alicia, I know! I saw, I meant to tell you I love the blue. I’m heading over there now to tell ya, and thanks you very much.

  10. Mary Says:

    Sooo funny! Lovely drawing and we’ve all had that nightmare.

  11. Kelly Light Says:

    I love the jaybird and all of your work-greta humor and great drawing! What a combo!

  12. Wonderful character and body expression. Love the shower cap!

  13. Ratlion Says:

    The expression on this naked bird is priceless! 😀
    Really like your composition on the bunny post below too. Very effective!
    (Speaking of bunnies, based on all the bunnies I’ve seen illustrated painting eggs for Easter, I’d conclude that they’re all off on a well-deserved bunny holiday somewhere far far away from eggs.Of course I could be wrong. :))

  14. Kelly Says:

    Hah, poor little things!

    By the way, I really like the new header illustration.

  15. bobo's slave Says:

    She looks real shy, great expression. And the shower cap make her a bit old-fashioned, heehee.

  16. I love it, so bashful. Love that you can see her comb through the shower cap!

    For me, in the dream I was always naked on the school bus. I only noticed when I realized how cold I was…

  17. Faruffa Says:

    I love the expresions you can give to your characters, the jaybird is absolutely great!!!
    In italian we say “nudo come un verme” … “naked as a worm”.
    Ciao Vitti :o)

  18. studio lolo Says:

    I noticed the see-through shower cap too! And it’s a Stellers Jay! One of the most awesome things about your sketches is the details. Good grief you’re good!!
    And oh yeah….love the new header 🙂

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