damn fine cup of decaf… zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

April 17, 2008

For reasons I won’t bore you with right now, my doctor suggested I cut down on my caffeine intake. What? Two to three double, short cappuccinos a day is too much?

Apparently it is… who knew?

So, obediently I began drinking herbal tea and felt pretty smug about how healthy I was behaving. That is, until I realized how much I missed the whole coffee ritual. The going, the sitting, the chatting, the buzzing. It would seem coffee is a big part of my life, habitually, socially and emotionally. There may be a few more -allys, but I can’t think of any at the moment. It’s late (and, did I mention I haven’t been drinking caffeine?) You know, there are times when I’m convinced my whole personality is floating inside a hot, steamy mug of joe.

What is the solution? Double, short, decaf cappuccino, that’s what. Yeah, yeah, I know, what’s the point, right? Well, at first the point was to ease into this new caffeine-less lifestyle. A transition, a fake out on my brain. However, what I found was, be it the placebo effect or actual physical reaction to the 1 to 2% caffeine, I started getting a little buzz from the decaf.

I was thrilled.

I say “was” because after a couple of weeks, things changed a bit. Sure I still get a teensy pick-me-up in the morning, which is great. But somewhere around 2:00 p.m. I hit a slump. A slump I never experienced in my caffeinated days. A slump that has co-workers eyeing me, puzzled by the keyboard pattern on my right cheek and the slight bit of drool on my chin. A slump, for crying out loud. I don’t do slumps!

Alright, what is the solution now? Hmmm, perhaps getting to bed at a decent hour?

Yeah, right, I just crack myself up.

17 Responses to “damn fine cup of decaf… zzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

  1. Nancy Lefko Says:

    from one coffee lover to another…I feel your pain….

  2. Yep… I need my joe too…I mean my coffee!
    And no decaf!!
    Isn’t it lovely when the doc starts putting the restrictions on ya. This pill will lower that, this one will raise it, restrict your diet…what you don’t like rocks and sticks for lunch?
    I feel it too my friend!

    Just love that kitty character of yours!

  3. tombarrett Says:

    Mountain Dew is my pick-me-up of choice! Probably should drink less of it, and I am working on it, but I stay up late doing my art many nights, and without a bit of caffeine in the morning, I wind up with a face of keyboard myself!

    Love the new banner!

  4. eli Says:

    Ah, come on, what do doctors know? Ok, I guess it’s best to be cautious…

    hmm, you have zzz’s coming off the keyboard but I’m thinking the cats head is actually typing something in the hhjjjhjh range? 😉

  5. artseafartsea Says:

    Maybe you could ask your boss if you could take a siesta in the afternoon. Tell him u would be more productive. Un huh. Love the sketch. The lack of caffeine certainly doesn’t keep u from coming with some awesome blogs.

  6. eli Says:

    PS- super cute illo!

  7. katherine Says:

    wow! i just discovered your blog, and i LOVE your drawings 🙂

  8. Mary Says:

    Love the picture, love the story!

  9. Jess Says:

    Souns like you need caffeine for medicinal purposes to me. Doctor’s aren’t always right! Brilliant drawing btw. 😉

  10. been there, with coffee and cigarettes and now fats and carbs and sugars…what’s left????
    this illo says it all….
    drink lotsa water, that’s all i drink now..it cleans the kidneys, makes the skin glow and gives me lotsa energy…ha ha sounds like a commercial!!!

  11. cata Says:

    Haha!! funny illo.
    Italian people can’t live without coffe so I understand perfectly your pain.
    I’m from Italy but I love herbal tea.

  12. bobo's slave Says:

    Very funny sketch. I enjoyed your writing so much, the ‘keyboard pattern…’ make me laugh. Thanks for your magical power, I feel much better now. (My poor head spins whole day.)

  13. gina Says:

    ahahahaha! I do feel your pain too, if it’s not because of the osteophorosis issue, I will take that precioussss- cup of coffee – more..
    err.. about the drooling..? *I’m laughing from my head to toe right now..!

  14. Bambi-really Says:

    Getting to bed at a decent hour. Yeah, that is a hilarious one!

    So, if you get a bit of a buzz from the decaf cappucino, and it’s decaf, how’s about tossing back a dozen of those at slump time? I would say that gets you off on a technicality.

    But then, I can justify anything…

  15. OMG I can really relate with you there Linda! I need my coffee I really do. Good for you for trying the decaf.

    This illustration is awesome. I can almost see him coming down and puff… start snoring. So funny!!!!! :o)

  16. studio lolo Says:

    That’s like me trying O’Douls this winter thinking if I gave up my vino for a while I’d lose weight. (I drink white, lots of sugar.) Well, drinking non-alcoholic beer still makes you have to pee and if there ain’t no buzz involved, WHY????? bother? Actually, it did pacify me for a while. About an hour and a half.

  17. Kate Says:

    It’s always something, isn’t it?

    I started drinking seltzer water all day….as a healthy alternative….then someone ruined my bliss by informing me that it leeches the calcium from your bones. Wwwaaaaaa!!!

    Love the illo and the story. 🙂

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