sugar gramps

April 22, 2008

Most weekdays, around 2 p.m. you’ll find me hanging out at a ridiculously popular cafe, walking distance from where I work in the Valley. I usually sip a little coffee, (decaf these days) and do some sketching. Bunnies perhaps.

Not feeling especially moved to draw any of the customers du jour today, I did, in fact, sketch out a bunny or two. As I scrawled out a cottontail, behind me I could hear an impatient, math tutor, a young man, chastising his rather dense tutee. They bickered softly, as my pencil scratched out what I thought would be tonight’s post.

In front of me was another couple, obviously on their first date, both in their early 40’s and brought together by some online dating service. She, an attractive brunette, him a paunchy, yet arrogant, mousy brown. He was prattling non-stop about every other woman he had recently met online. He explained how none of these dates had worked out, due to each woman having had a fatal flaw of some sort. The attractive brunette listened politely.

I wanted so badly to lean over and whisper to her, “You know you, I won’t tell anyone if you excuse yourself, go to the ladies room, climb out the window and run like the wind! ” Instead I continued feverishly drawing bunnies. I needed something to post tonight.

Eventually the sound of industry folk, dropping names and hawking their screen plays, dozens of teenagers congregating after school and a frazzled mother of four, trying in vain to get her children’s hot chocolate orders straight, drowned out the first-date fiasco in front of me. Newly focused, I continued on with my task.

A few minutes later, I noticed one of the frazzled woman’s four children, a cherubic 5 year old girl, sneak away from the pack and head over to the cream and sugar station, sidling up to an eccentric, older gentleman with Gene Wilder hair. Being mildly curious, I continued watching and noticed that the man was in the process of tearing open and emptying about eight or nine packets of sugar into a fairly small cup of coffee. He was making coffee syrup. Blech!

Although I couldn’t hear the conversation very well, it seemed the little girl was scolding the man for his sugar indulgence. Her face was a picture of indignation. It’s possible she may have been afraid the old gent was going to devour all the sugar in the whole world and leave her with none. The horror… the horror!

It was at that point I realized I’d be pushing bunny sketches aside. I had a couple of new muses for my Tuesday night sketch.

12 Responses to “sugar gramps”

  1. bobo's slave Says:

    This is truly an entertaining post. I would like to see a sketch of how you forbear from asking the disgusting guy to shut up!

  2. artseafartsea Says:

    This is a riot! Reminds me of someone I know. Ahem, no names please………

    Ya gotta keep these characters and use them again.

  3. Oh, this is SWEET. wait, bad pun. But oh look at her expression. What a fun moment to capture! 🙂

  4. Kelly Says:

    You are amazing… a super blend of humorous writing and wonderful illustration to go along with it. Great stuff!

  5. Prunella Says:

    What a delicious little peek into your afternoon.

    For some reason after reading this I jumped up and got another sugar for my tea. Coincidence? I think not.

    Adorable drawring!

  6. Em Says:

    I really enjoyed reading about this adventure in the coffee shop. I think I will take my journal out today for a date – thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I just love coming here every morning and reading your stories and looking at your wonderful art Linda!!! You make me laugh every time and i wanted to thank you for that! It’s awesome!!

    You are so good as storytelling too, that I can really see this two characters, as well as all the others, in my head so clearly.. I could almost taste my tall nonfat cappuccino and my almond biscotti!! sniff… sniff… :o(

  8. how long does it take you to do one of these…like the ‘delicious’ look on her face!

  9. froggie Says:

    wow…members only jacket, non-descript baseball cap, that hair. you know…i think that WAS gene wilder. :)))

    man!!! i haven’t seen ANY of these new ones! they are all just wonderful, sketchie!

  10. studio lolo Says:

    Okay, you have me in a piddle-puddle again because of his EAR HAIRS!!!! Quit killin’ me, will ya? Awesome, right-on characters….hee hee.

  11. Nancy Lefko Says:

    great post and illustration…you always make me smile !!

  12. gina Says:

    geee.. that’s why they called it’s a wonderfuuull wuuurrlllldd… ssh ssh keep sketching! 😀

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