April 26, 2008


This fellow I know,
a rotund rhino,
finds grazing completely preposterous.

Prefers reading sonnets,
to birds sitting on it,
forgetting to be a rhinoserous.


The Illustration Friday theme this week is “Wrinkles.”


A strange thing is happening. Someone seems to have hacked into my blog and added a link to their blog on this post. It comes and goes, so it’s not always visible.

You may see a link that says:

Possibly related posts: β€’ A Jolly Happy Soul

My advice would be not to click this link, because it is not legitimate, at least not to my blog.

Has anyone ever had this experience?

Thanks, Linda



The “Possibly Related Links” that earlier showed up on my blog, uninvited, was, in fact, a new WordPress Feature. Found out about it in WordPress’ forums and learned how to turn in off. So, it wasn’t some insidious hacking incident (blush, from my overreaction.”

Thanks Tom for the suggestion that it might just be a WP feature.

Thanks, Linda


30 Responses to “wrinkles”

  1. artseafartsea Says:

    That is sooo cute. You certainly got creative with that one. The “wrinkles” I mean. But then you always do.

  2. bobo's slave Says:

    Very intelligence, both the rhino and author.

  3. conniemartin Says:

    I always come back here and I wouldn’t miss out for the world; everything about it is totally brilliant. Great birdies. Outrageous limerick; do more limericks, they make me laugh.

  4. I always wondered why those silly birds sat on rhinos, now I know… they’re just getting thier daily dose of verse.
    Cute Linda!
    Hey… what kind of pencil are using to sketch before you scan your illos?

    Wierd about the link… I’ve never heard of that before.

  5. how adorable he is.
    never heard of this long either, but will take heed. hugs.

  6. hat should say ‘never heard of this link either’; maybe it’s my bedtime!

  7. Angela Says:

    I love his spectacles. Great coloring. Your illustrations are always filled with so much life.

    That’s so odd about the phantom link. How rude!

  8. Oh he is so cute with those glasses!! This is great Linda. Your characters are always so charming and cute :o)

    What;s this about the the link? I don’t get it? A hacker can get in your blog? Gosh… what’s wrong with people these days?!

  9. Oh I see it now! Just appeared after I wrote the first message.. it’s very spooky actually.

  10. Mary Beth Says:

    I hope you never finish with the animal idioms. I love your sketches!

  11. Teresa Says:

    hilarious and wonderful!

  12. tombarrett Says:

    You know Santa Claus is always watching. Perhaps he is checking his list!

    Like the rhino!

  13. tombarrett Says:

    Have you checked to see if this link thing is something that WordPress has automatically added (maybe to get traffic around their hosted blogs), or if you perhaps clicked a button that would make that come on?
    Just a thought…

  14. Nancy Lefko Says:

    great work…love the rhino-birdie relationship !!

  15. Ratlion Says:

    Nice one (though I must admit, I haven’t quite gotten over ‘Ninja Squirrels’ yet :D). Really like how you’ve coloured the rhinoceros. Is that water colour?

  16. Deb Johnson Says:

    very cute poem and illustration!

  17. vandyke Says:

    Cute illustration and fun poem! I like the birds and his rhino toes curled just so. Nice job.

  18. tombarrett Says:

    Glad you got it corrected! It’s always nice when new items are automatically added without your knowledge. πŸ˜‰

  19. So very fun and whimsical! Love the poem, too!

  20. studio lolo Says:

    That is one big, horny dude!! Doesn’t his protruberances get in the way of his reading? Just wondering πŸ˜€

  21. Ha ha ha! How distracting must the birds be!

  22. I’m glad you cleared that out Linda. I was spooked out too with the hacker thing.. he, he…

    That Tom, always so helpful :o)

  23. zari Says:

    what a cute and friendly rhino!

  24. froggie Says:

    oh your brain! me, bowing low to your wit. and hey, lookit! i found a kit-kat down here, and 40cents! cool! thanks, sketchie! (man, you really bring them sillies outta me when i visit here! )

    he’s wonnnnderful but i’m in gaa-gaa with the very delicate and fragile birdies…remind me of “are you my mother?” by um, leo steig? blurg. i think that’s his name. :))

    blurg. (and i totally stole that word from tina fey…i just love the way it looks!)

  25. love the rhino, and nessie.


  26. timafli Says:

    I like this rhino character. And the treatment you did for the ground/shadow. Great work on the water horse one too. I like the transparent color treatments. Are you using watercolor? or painted digitally? Very cool.

  27. I love the rhino and the poem. A very fun, sweet illustration, and it complements your wonderful poem beautifully.

  28. dot Says:

    he’s adorable! i love the style of this one.

  29. Faruffa Says:

    Is a pleasant surprise to discover a rhino and many small birds lovers of good reading.

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