messie nessie

April 28, 2008

Perhaps because today is Monday. Maybe the unseasonable 98 degree heat can be blamed. Then again, it may simply be the mass quantity of sugar-free fudgesicles consumed in an attempt to beat said unseasonable heat. What ever the reason, Nessie, that behemoth, Scottish lass of Loch Ness Monster lore, continually intruded upon my thoughts today.

She did this all day long.

Her and that maniacally, cheerful grin.

My only recourse, tonight, was to wipe the fudgesicle schmutz off my chin and draw Nessie. Draw her in an effort to exorcise the silly, sea serpent, nuisance from my mind.

Ok, that, and just one more fudgesicle.

12 Responses to “messie nessie”

  1. Mary Says:

    If you give Nessie a fudgesicle, maybe she will go away….happy!

  2. I totally see how Nessie and fudgsicles relate!

    Nessie is one sweet serpent! I really like the way she disappears into the water and you see her faint outline.
    Now I’m in the mood for fudgesicle. Actually Liv and I made ice cream last night but didn’t get to taste it, so I’m sure to see some maniacal grins around here today!

    Have a good day chicka!

  3. froggie Says:

    ok, i’m am so art-geeking out over those spots where she’s underwater, and how you handled it, (DEFTLY of course!) she’s terrific!

    oh and her swirly tail finish…love that!

  4. and she is so delightful, your posts always make me feel cheerful, and i like that feeling!hugs.

  5. Nancy Lefko Says:

    wonderful…I love how you show her “lower half” underwater….I am sure it was not easy and it looks fabulous….as does the whole darn gal !! mmmmm……fudgicles….still too chilly here for those !!

  6. Amy Says:

    Oh this is super! The heat over here is horrid, and no, we don’t have sugar free fudgsicles, so the mere imagined cold treat does sound pretty good right about now.

    How does a fudgsicle look like anyway?

  7. Kate Says:

    Cool…love the water and the way I can see her body under the water. Very cute. Hope you find some relief from the heat.

  8. snowee Says:

    Nessie is adorable! Those sugar free fudgesicles are addicting!

  9. artseafartsea Says:

    Cute and refreshing. Nessie I mean. She looks pretty happy. U should get a wading pool.

  10. studio lolo Says:

    Okay..another parallel in our lives. FUDGESICLES!!!! My husband has a major sweet tooth and every once in a while he gets on a kick and stays on it and then claims it as “natures perfect food.” I can’t tell you how many time fudgesicles have won top honor! But alas, today we’re on the sugar-free ones as well. It’s like “near beer.” But today I started my day with the breakfast of champions….a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich!
    Have I told you how beautiful I think Nessie is? Well, she is 🙂

  11. kim Says:

    I love the water. So cool and clean!

  12. Faruffa Says:

    She is so nice and funny that I hope has cheer up your thoughts!

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