pico award

May 6, 2008

So anyway, speaking of Godzilla…

… oh, wait, er, um, actually, I was talking about The Pico Award. That’s it!

Yes, the Pico is a sweet little award given by bloggers to bloggers who share their art and creativity, making their contribution to the blogging world. Recently, I was given the Pico award by two delightful, blogger buddies.

First I received Pico from Laurel of Studio Lolo. Then, as if that wasn’t cool enough, I got the award once again from Teri, A.K.A., Princess Tomato. You have to check out both of these talented ladies’ blogs. You won’t be disappointed.

Here are the rules of the Pico Award:

1) Pick 5 blogs that you feel are deserving of this award based on their creativity, design, interesting material and their contribution to the blogging community.

2) Include the name and link of the award giver, so their blogs can be visited.

3) Include the name and link of the people you award, so their blogs can be visited also.

4) Show the link Arte y Pico, the originator of the award.

5) Publish these rules.

You know, we could be here all night if I were to pick all the blogger folks I’ve befriended and who’s blogs I love to visit. But, alas, I can only pick five. So, with that in mind, I’m choosing peeps I haven’t chosen in the past. You know, mix it up a bit (although it’s still going to be hard, sheesh!)

So now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Drum roll please. The Pico Award goes to:

Roberta of A Mouse in the House is a Renaissance woman. What doesn’t she do? She creates adorable, funny children’s illustration, crafts, murals and the list goes on. She’s always there, inspiring me with her witty comments, observations and inspiration.

Alicia of My Place Over the Hill is possibly the sweetest person I’ve ever met and did I mention talented. Her children’s book illustrations are as sweet as she is and Alicia not only cheers me on, she seems to be in everyone’s corner, giving insightful, dead-on advice.

Nancy of My Collage Art Gorgeous collages, whimsical, thoughtful writing. Nancy is yet another person I find in my comments often, rooting me on.

Vittoria of Faruffando Her colorful, graphic, always endearing art, puts a smile on my face with every post. Although she speaks Italian, she goes the extra by having her comments translated to English. She’s a sweetheart!

Kim of I’m with Sully is someone who loves their pooch so much, she named her blog after him. You have to love someone like that. Kim’s another versatile artist, with drawings, paintings, design and jewelry to offer. Not only that, she’s a terrific gal and along with the others, makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile.

Oh alright, I’m totally cheating, here’s 6:

Tom of The Will to Draw Tom has created a blog to inspire himself to step out of the ole comfort zone and feed his passion for drawing. He’s doing a wonderful job and still manages to inspire with his witty comments and his Art Director’s sensibility.

You guys rock! I feel so lucky to have met you all, along with the rest of the talented, friendly, wonderful folks of blogland!

Cheers friends!

10 Responses to “pico award”

  1. Nancy Lefko Says:

    thank you , dear Linda…

    you rock too !!

  2. Faruffa Says:

    WOW this is a big honor!
    Thanks so much Linda
    Ciao Vit

  3. Oh you! Now you are gonna make me cry… thank you for the wonderful award and for your really nice words about me!! :o)
    I’m so happy and honored my friend, that you though of me for this. I will post about it soon.

  4. Oh and by the way… WHAT ON EARTH IS PICOOOOO??? Nobody seems to tell me :op

  5. You know Linda, this is so special to me… knowing it’s from you, because I know what a talented, clever, and kind hearted person you are!

    Thanks a bunch!

  6. Hi Linda, me again :o)

    I don’t know if you’ve heard about the Orphan Works, but I proposed to spread the word to 5 friends. You are friend number 1 :o). Here is my post. Read it and if you want please spread the word.


  7. tombarrett Says:

    Thanks, Linda, for the Pico. I am honored to be included in your list of recipients!

  8. Pickledog Says:

    Congratulations on your Pico! That is one of the finest digital trophies I have seen.

    Awards are fun, and if there are rubber monsters involved it’s all the better. : )

  9. gina Says:

    ahahahaha! I thought the awards come as a godzilla jelly like trophy- hey wait, why don’t we make one.. the godzilla it’s awesome .. ^_^’?!

  10. kim Says:

    WOw! THis is so cool! I really want the godzilla. Thank you for thinking of me and Sully. I am honored to be in the running with all these other great artists.

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