joey to the world

May 21, 2008

A rough little sketch, inspired by my chubby… (I mean, big boned) black kitty, Joey.

When puttering around the house, I choose my steps carefully and move around gingerly, because stepping on a tail or little black paw, is a very real danger. As well as tripping over this immovable mass of cat and breaking my fool neck.

As I perform my morning ritual of face washing, teeth brushing, etc., my movement is often severely hampered by Joey, wrapped lovingly around my feet. While I wash the dishes and make salads for Tom and I to bring to work, there he is, once again, at my feet, this time rolling around on his back, attempting to allure me into scratching his ample belly.

Walking around the outside world, sans the furry, black shackle, can often feel like a shock to my system. But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Joey is my best buddy and besides, walking around freely is so overrated.